We will not allow “old man” Akufo-Addo to abuse Ghana’s resources – Akandoh



Work has stalled on the 120-bed capacity Kumawu District Hospital in Sekyere Afram Plains District of Ashanti Region, intended to provide health services to residents of Kumawu and Kumawu. other neighboring communities.

The project, launched by the former Mahama government in 2015, a turnkey agreement with MM. NMS Infrastructure and Barclays Bank Plc, London, at an estimated cost of $ 38.8 million, was due to be completed in 2017.

The project is one of some six other district hospitals launched by the previous government under the same agreement at an estimated total cost of $ 175 million.

A visit to the site today, Monday, September 27, 2021, by minority members of the Parliament’s health committee showed that a project about 65% complete was left to rot in the bush.

Speaking to the media, Minority Health Caucus spokesperson Kwabena Mintah Aknadoh said they would not sit for the government to waste the country’s resources.

He said; “I’m very sad to see what we’re all seeing right now because most of you were on the team when we arrived over two years ago, and for me absolutely nothing has happened. exchange.

“It’s actually getting worse because some of the structures are deteriorating further. What I see here is an affront to the mandate that the good people of this country have given to the President of Ghana. I think this government is a group of old people who have no respect for the governance actors of this country and have no respect for the good people of this country.

“We are paying interest on the loan that was taken out for this purpose, meanwhile, the good people of this country especially those in the catchment area have not benefited from this project,” lamented the lawmaker of Juaboso.

Speaking about the history of the project, Mr Akandoh said, “This project was awarded somewhere in 2015 and it should have been completed somewhere by 2017 at the latest. We are in 2021, when you speak they’re will sit in Accra and try to defend. You have been in power for almost five good years and look at the state of the project.

“I thought that by the time we get here there will be doctors and medical professionals working here, so we will all be smiling as we come back and face a situation that is getting worse. I think as a matter of urgency, again, not until this project is completed and operationalized, we, especially on the minority side, will never slack off, they never thought we could come back, so they have received sweet responses on the floor of the house, they say “entrepreneurs are on sight” who is on sight? We have come to meet the weeds, ”he said.

Mr. Akandoh noted that the minority “will not allow this old man to abuse the resources of this country, that’s quite pathetic. Your children and mine will come to pay for this loan. What are we doing to mother Ghana? Adding “no reasonable government that thinks of citizens will give priority to the abandoned project over the new ones.”


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