Urban Meyer’s memes flood the internet after scandalous video goes viral



Urban Meyer just can’t take a break. First, his Jacksonville Jaguars stumble on a 0-4 start to the season, capped by a devastating loss to the Cincinnati Bengals. Now an outrageous video of Urban Meyer having fun at a club is going viral, and the Jaguars coach is now the target of memes that make him clown.

It all started earlier tonight. A video of Meyer enjoying a lap dance of a woman who was definitely not his wife went viral and caused a stir in the NFL community. The video has since been deleted, along with the account that posted the video. But in its place, countless memes poke fun at the Jaguars coach.

Some of them came up with the idea of ​​a nearly 60-year-old NFL walking into a bar and doing a hilarious lap dance.

Others have pointed out that it seemed far too early in Meyer’s coaching tenure for there to be a scandal. This refers to a common theme in the career of the current Jaguars coach. Meyer would get into a scandal, quit his job, and then end up getting a new coaching job. Unfortunately for the Jaguars, they seem to have missed the “Instant Success” part of the diagram.

Or maybe… it’s just a complex Meyer’s ploy to get out of Jacksonville! It makes so much sense!

Others praised the guy who filmed this, praising him for the content he provided.

Still others thought that maybe, just maybe… this woman was actually Jags rookie, Trevor Lawrence! Maybe veteran Meyer was teaching his student new tricks.

What about Tim Tebow, Meyer’s personal hype? What does Twitter think of what Tebow is thinking right now?

And to top it off, Meyer’s own wife, Shelley, loves Jaguars coach tweets and memes. While continuing to tweet about… corn. Yeah, no, it’s a weird day.

It’s been a crazy night for NFL Twitter. Leave it to the Blue Bird app to turn the comedy into a very public scandal involving infidelity.

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