Upcoming Changes in Policies and Practices Related to COVID-19

Dear members of the Elon community,

As we prepare to wrap up the spring semester, we thank you for your dedication to the health of this community. Together, we have overcome challenges that none of us had faced before, and we greatly appreciate your perseverance in creating a dynamic and successful academic year. Please read below about upcoming changes to campus procedures as we continue to progress beyond the emergency phase of the pandemic.

For the rest of the semester

  • The optional inner mask policy remains in effect. Please continue to respect the decision of those who choose to wear a mask and use good health and safety practices to support themselves and others until the end of the semester.
  • Current campus policies regarding quarantine and isolation will remain in place in accordance with local and state health departments.
  • Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to report during regular hours for testing at the Asymptomatic Testing Center in the Oaks neighborhood (McCoy Commons 207) before the start.
  • Sick visits and symptomatic testing will continue to be offered by appointment (no walk-in) at Student Health Services and the Faculty Health and Wellness Clinic.

Launch week, May 16-20, 2022

After launch

In accordance with guidance from the CDC and local and state health authorities, we will remain alert to any new threats from the virus while continuing to reduce procedures related to the Elon pandemic. These protocols recognize that COVID-19, like many other illnesses, is still present in our community, but does not currently require the level of mitigation measures that we have adopted over the past two years.

The following changes come into effect on Thursday, May 26


  • The Healthy Elon Committee and COVID-19 Data Team will suspend meetings, and the Infectious Disease Response Team will transition to leading campus health risk preparedness and response and monitor local viruses and national, hospitalizations, etc.
  • The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) will continue to be the campus’ immediate response team in the event of a crisis or emergency.
  • Student Health Services, Student Care and Outreach, Academic Affairs, Human Resources, and other campus departments will continue to manage health and wellness issues.


Quarantine and isolation


  • Vice President for Student Life Jon Dooley’s weekly email update and Healthy Elon COVID-19 Dashboard will be suspended, with the Healthy Elon website being integrated into a new university web resource on health and welfare.
  • The Healthy Elon (x2020) information line and [email protected] email address will be suspended; calls will be transferred to the campus switchboard. Student Health Services and many offices on campus, including Student Care and Outreach, Parent Engagement, New Student Programs, and Human Resources will continue to serve as information resources for questions. .

Vaccination and booster

  • Elon continues to require students, and strongly encourage employees, to receive and submit documents vaccination and booster COVID-19.
  • The requirements for the fall semester have not yet been determined. New and returning students will be notified this summer via email of requirements and documentation for the upcoming academic year.

The Infectious Disease Response Team will continue to monitor advice from health experts on COVID-19 and stand ready to reinstate any necessary measures. We continue to develop recommendations, policies, and structures to support university operations and community health, based on lessons learned over the past two years.

Good luck for the final exams and best wishes for a healthy and relaxing summer,

Jeff Stein, Chair of the Healthy Elon Committee

  • Dan Anderson, Special Assistant to the President
  • Ginette Archinal, medical director of student health and university doctor
  • John Barnhill, Associate Vice President for Academic Advancement
  • Jon Dooley, Vice President for Student Life
  • Tom Flood, Assistant Vice President of Facilities Management
  • Jason Husser, Associate Professor of Political Science and Political Studies, and Elon Poll Director (Academic Board Representative)
  • Deandra Little, Associate Vice-Principal, Director of the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning and Professor of English
  • Paul Miller, Associate Provost for Academic Excellence and Operations and Professor of Exercise Science
  • Kelly Reimer, Senior Director of Teaching and Learning Technologies (Staff Council Representative)
  • Keren Rivas, Assistant Vice President for Publications
  • Carrie Ryan, Assistant Vice President for Ancillary Services
  • Jeffrey Scheible, Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance and Administration
  • Kelli Shuman, Associate Vice President of Human Resources and Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Gabie Smith, Dean of Elon College, the College of Arts and Sciences and Professor of Psychology
  • Mary Southern, Project Manager for Provost Operations and Academic Affairs (Project Manager)
  • Randy Williams, Vice President and Associate Dean for Inclusive Excellence and Assistant Professor of Education

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