Unlocking the digital potential of the public sector through the private sector

A partner network can help build efficient and quality services, says Chris Hayman, UK public sector director for Amazon Web Services. Sponsored Content from Amazon Web Services.

Digital transformation is a priority for governments around the world. Governments are clear: cutting-edge technology infrastructure can transform public services, making them more accessible, higher quality and more cost-effective: research shows that the average cost of digital transactions is more than 1,700% cheaper than interactions over the phone and over 5,600% cheaper than face-to-face interactions.

Chris Hayman, UK Public Sector Director for Amazon Web Services

Digital transformation can seem difficult for local authorities. Yet, through effective public-private partnerships, councils can accelerate digitalization and target specific areas that are ripe for technological advancement. Private companies, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), can be a key enabler of these processes.

To that end, we’ve launched a free three-month program, giving councils and government authorities access to consulting services, software, and infrastructure solutions from AWS and its partner network. Designed to help governments modernize processes and deliver services to their citizens more efficiently, the program is being tested in several countries, including the UK.

The entire program can be set up without cost or minimum commitment to local communities. After a three-month trial period, they are not contractually obligated to continue their partnership with AWS. Our program is designed to be low risk and high impact for technological change within local authorities.

Through effective partnerships, councils can accelerate digitization and target specific areas

The AWS Government Transformation Team offers guidance to support a council’s digital aspirations through consulting partners. We run discovery and solution workshops, tailored to support the consultancy’s broader transformation goals. We will build trial proof-of-concepts that demonstrate the benefits of digital transformation, helping to drive innovation and enable streamlined community service delivery – at no additional cost to councils.

Digitization can benefit a wide range of time-consuming processes that local authorities have to deal with. Our program can help manage payments, reduce contact center queries, eliminate data entry and information request backlogs, and assign the right qualified staff to the right programs. We want to help local authorities ensure that their resources are efficient and optimized, and that inefficiencies have been eliminated. But we also want to help boards tackle the root causes of these common problems, such as siled data, vendor lock-in and skills shortages.

The trial is already bringing tangible results for UK councils. Take, for example, AWS’ work with Swindon BC. They faced a problem with illegally dumped waste, which took an average of 10 days to clean up, irritating residents and causing wider environmental problems for the area.

AWS helped the council develop a bespoke solution that could reduce the time illegally dumped waste was left on the streets. In collaboration, artificial intelligence software was introduced to analyze photographs submitted by members of the public. Residents would send in images and the AI-powered program would estimate the resources needed to effectively clean the street again.

Combined with smart route mapping, ensuring crews move efficiently around the borough, cleanup times have been reduced by 60% from 10 days to four days. The council has cut costs by ensuring fuel and time are used efficiently, allowing residents to enjoy clean streets.

Through collaboration with councils, AWS can identify the best way to introduce technology to achieve broader societal and economic policy goals and ensure local authorities receive support in implementing cutting-edge software solutions. AWS seeks to bring these compelling, replicable and scalable solutions to local authorities across the UK, acting as a partner in the long-term development of digitization services that improve services and benefit the daily lives of residents.

For more information about the AWS Local Government Program and how to get involved, visit https://aws.amazon.com/government-education/contact/

Chris Hayman is UK Public Sector Director for Amazon Web Services

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