University Libraries Publish Art History Dissertations Online Bibliography


UNIVERSITY PARK, Pennsylvania – Penn State University Libraries’ Open Publishing recently launched “Art History Dissertations and Abstracts from North American Institutions Bibliography,” an online bibliography compiled by Catherine D. Adams, Digital Media Specialist, and Carolyn J. Lucarelli, Head of the Center for Virtual / Material Studies at the College of Arts and Architecture. The original data set is from the CAA Reviews website of the College Art Association (CAA).

The bibliography represents more than a year of collecting, compiling, modifying and researching a doctorate in art history. theses submitted to the CAA since 1980. With more than 6,000 theses from more than 80 North American institutions, the dataset presents a rich field of study on the evolution of the field of art history during over the past 40 years.

“When we started to compile this dataset, we immediately realized the tremendous potential of a wide variety of projects focused on the evolving field of art history,” Adams said.

“The fact that colleagues from other institutions are also interested in the dataset has further motivated us to publish the content as a searchable bibliography through the libraries open publication program,” added Lucarelli.

The searchable bibliography organizes content using keywords and includes summaries of most entries, which the original dataset did not contain. Adams and Lucarelli plan to update the bibliography annually as new information on the thesis becomes available. The site also houses additional pages dealing with bibliography creation, contributor information, articles written using bibliographic data, and forms for reporting errors and missing information. All records in the bibliography can be exported in various formats.

The bibliography has already received positive feedback to make the information better organized and available in a searchable format.

“This new database offers users the possibility to sift, filter and group art history research projects of the past 40 years, by field of study, institution of degree, official advisor or year of completion, “said Nancy Um, professor. of History and Associate Dean for Faculty Development and Inclusion at Binghamton University. “It is an excellent research tool, offering an important perspective on the field and its changing models. “

Elizabeth Mansfield, chief of the Department of Art History at Penn State, noted that the bibliography has already proved invaluable to researchers.

“Recent publications by Nancy Um and others have made it clear that CAA Reviews thesis lists are more than an inventory for doctoral students. students and their advisers. These records document unexplored individual, institutional and disciplinary histories, ”Mansfield said. “The transformation of thesis lists into a structured and accessible resource will spark new research on the historiography of art history in the United States and Canada while enhancing its usefulness as a doctoral index. theses.

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