Troubleshooting Common Student Issues in Respondus | Digital Learning Office

Students don’t actually open and use Respondus

  1. Respondus LockDown Browser is a browser app (not an extension like Proctorio was). It must be downloaded. Students then access the exam through this browser.
  2. Verify that students download LockDown Browser using the link provided when they try to access their quiz in WebCampus. They CANNOT Google and download LockDown Browser from the Respondus website.
  3. The LockDown Browser link provided in their WebCampus quiz is specific to NUR. If the student has used LockDown Browser at another school (eg TMCC), they will need to uninstall that version and then install the NUR-specific version. (See Enabling iPad Use for Students below for instructions on how iPad users download LockDown Browser.)
  4. Students must close the web browser they were originally using and open LockDown Browser to access their exam.

Respondus settings not working

Each time you copy your course from a previous semester, you must activate Respondus for the next semester’s course by logging into your course, clicking LockDown Browser in the course menu, and then clicking Settings. exam.

Enabling iPad use for students

If you want to allow students to use iPads to take their exam, you need to make sure you have checked the “Allow students to take this exam with an iPad (using the “LockDown Browser” app) checkbox. the Apple App Store)” in the Advanced Settings of the LockDown browser. Students can then download the app by searching for “Lockdown Browser” in the Apple App Store.

University Examination Center Access Code

If you plan to allow students to use the College Testing Center and test online using the LockDown Browser, you must do the following:

  1. Be sure to create an access code in your course’s LockDown browser settings, NOT in the Canvas quiz settings.
  2. Under LockDown Browser Settings, compose the passcode and place it in the “Passcode for this exam (required)” space in the password settings (Respondus does not provide passcodes like did Proctorio).
  3. In the “Monitoring” section of the Respondus settings, expand the “Advanced settings” tab and check the box “Allow this exam to also be given in a supervised laboratory”.
  4. Provide the university exam center with the access code for your exam. See the Test Information for Instructors webpage for more information.

Get ahead of the confusion: Provide a practice test!

ODL strongly recommends setting up a practice test for students to try out the tool before high-stakes tests and exams in your classroom. To find out more, see Authorize a student to practice on the ODL quiz.

Student Internet Connectivity Issues

Students should be encouraged to use a wired Ethernet connection, if possible. Otherwise, they should be as close to the router or access point as possible. We also recommend restarting the computer and shutting down any other programs running on the computer as well as any that might be running on their network (eg Netflix). It may also help to restart any home modem/router.

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