Transforming J&K: Citizens Praise ‘Revolutionary’ Initiative Apki Zameen Apki Nigrani

E-governance, which is of immense importance in today’s world, increases transparency, accountability, efficiency and inclusiveness in the governance process in terms of trusted access to all information by citizens .

Keeping pace with innovation, the government of Jammu and Kashmir, under the leadership of Lieutenant Governor, Manoj Sinha, has launched a landmark initiative to extend hassle-free online access to the Land Records System to people who have revolutionized the world of UT income.

The residents of J&K appreciated this decision by the administration as a citizen-friendly measure, which would certainly bring increased transparency and accountability in the land registration system.

The Lieutenant Governor, Manoj Sinha, launched the Land Records Information System “Aapki Zameen Aapki Nigrani”, to allow public users to search and view copies of digitized data online at the CIS portal http:/ /

The initiative was introduced to reduce the interference of tax officials in land transactions and give people the right to access their land records with one click, reducing manipulation and significantly improving the efficiency of tax offices. . “This was a sequel to the National Digital India Land Registry Modernization Program (DILRMP) aimed at improving land services to ordinary citizens.”

The DILRMP was officially launched in UT in April 2016 to improve online accessibility to the Land Records System, ending corrupt practices, thereby ensuring quality services at the Sub-Registry and Tehsil offices.

The Lieutenant Governor’s administration ensured that the land registration program which was being implemented at a slower pace was accelerated and completed for the benefit of the popular masses.

As part of the implementation of the program in UT, 7.70 crores of revenue register pages and 55216 Musavi (maps) were digitized in addition to the establishment of 3895 ground check points. In addition, a web-based enterprise geographic information system (GIS) has been developed as part of the initiative.

As part of information, education and communication (IEC) activities on “Aapki Zameen Aapki Nigrani”, the government has organized special camps at Tehsil and Block level offices, Niabats, Patwar Khanas and Panchayat Ghars for educate the public on the digital platform where people can access their land records with one click.

“We are grateful to the current administrations at Central and UT level for initiating such technological innovations in all spheres of development making people’s lives comfortable and convenient,” said Sikamdar Noorani, District Chairman of the All Jammu Kashmir Panchayat conference while enjoying this historic initiative.

“Apki Zameen Aapki Nigrani” has made it possible for ordinary people to check their land records on their mobiles, thus avoiding jumping from one pillar to another for the same and protecting our lands in our territory. I thank the LG administration for this revolutionary step, he added.

Similarly, Jehangir Ahmed from Bachpora says visiting the tax office was a time-consuming and pain-intensive process, but now I can check my land records while sitting at home.

The government has also initiated the process of issuing trilingual land books to fill the information gap and facilitate people’s access to revenue records in Jammu and Srinagar districts. The first such land booklet is issued to legal owners of land in Jammu and Kashmir in Urdu, English and Hindi.

As part of a reform aimed at further enhancing transparency in public transactions of the Revenue Department, a mechanism for issuing tax booklets to persons containing information on all their legal land holdings has been developed and the deadline for the August 15, 2022 has been set by the government for the completion of the process.

Showket Ahmed Rather of Tenpora Srinagar is full of praise for the government’s initiative, saying, “It’s really a good step, everyone will benefit from it. Previously, getting income snippets took months. With the land booklet, now everything is with the people. We were relieved of the tedious process and the nightmare of visits to revenue offices. »

For Khurshed Ahmed Reshi of Tengpora, the initiative will expose people who have grabbed government land and built infrastructure on public land.

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