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While the dust is far from settling on the matter, enough is known about some sort of prank on Friday that shut down nearly a dozen schools in the Upper Peninsula alone to widely condemn what was happening. happened.

For all readers who might be half a step back, a good number of schools closed their doors on Friday after police learned of a potential threat of violence believed to have originated from the TikTok online service.

Never heard of TikTok? Lots and lots of people have. Millions upon millions of people tune in daily to watch short videos of people falling on their faces, flipping pancakes, dancing little dances, throwing Frisbees and more. There is hardly any end to the type of content, comedic or otherwise, that can be found on TikTok.

Like many things online, the platform is generally considered to be harmless unless it is used for nefarious purposes, which is said to be what happened from Thursday when reports of a so called TikTok challenge have done the trick.

This anonymous challenge indicated or implied that school shootings would take place on Friday.

In a nation and state already on the alert since the recent murder of four students at a high school upstate, this was hardly seen as humorous at all. For its part, TikTok denies that there ever was a threat.

Some schools have canceled classes altogether while others have increased security but stayed in session. In still other cases, parents kept the children at home just to be safe.

Fortunately, the police are involved and hopefully determine who did what, putting the full weight of the law on the line. But with communications laws being what they are in this country, we don’t know. anything that can be done.

What is crystal clear, however, is that this is another grim example of what the internet has become in many cases – an easy, low-risk way to inflict misery.

We believe that more and more people are getting bored of it. We know we are.

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