Three ways to tell if an air conditioning unit or system is efficient


The Florida-based heating, cooling, and air conditioning company proudly presents a little, how-to guide to how well an air conditioner is working.

ORLANDO, FL / ACCESSWIRE / October 25, 2020 / Just as heating is necessary for optimal indoor conditions during the colder months, air conditioning is necessary for optimal indoor conditions during the warmer months. As such, an efficient and well-maintained air conditioning unit or system is essential to human comfort. But how can an ordinary person know if their central unit or air conditioning system is working efficiently? How can someone untrained in mechanics tell if such a complicated machine needs maintenance? As part of its ongoing campaign to better educate the general public on all matters relating to heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), Orlando Air Conditioning Experts presents three ways to easily determine if an air conditioning unit or system is effective.

Use your senses

It might sound obvious, but the fastest and easiest way to test the efficiency of an air conditioning unit or system is to simply use your senses to gauge its performance. For example, if a building or a certain section of a building seems hotter than it should be even though the air conditioner is set to produce its usual temperature, it may mean that there is a mechanical problem that is causing it. makes it ineffective. The same can be true if an air conditioning unit or system makes loud or unusual noises – whether intermittent or constant – or if it seems to be running continuously or overloaded.

Using a thermometer

If in doubt remains after using your senses, an AC unit or system can easily be checked by using a common household thermometer to perform a basic test. If it is off, turn on the air conditioning and let it run for about 15 minutes, then simply place a thermometer on the power register closest to the cooling equipment. By placing it on the register closest to the coolant source, the variable of distance traveled by the cooled air is removed. Leave the thermometer in place for a full five minutes, then write down the temperature it shows. After that, repeat this process with the return vent or the vent that sucks room temperature air into the air conditioner to be cooled. If the unit is operating efficiently, the air coming out of the supply damper should be at least 15 degrees cooler than the air drawn in through the return vent. If the two temperatures are closer, there may be a leak somewhere in the unit or the HVAC filter may need to be replaced.

Check the SEER

Finally, another quick and easy way to check the efficiency of an air conditioning unit or system is to check its Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER). The purpose of SEER is to assign each air conditioner model a number that corresponds to its air conditioning and heat pump efficiency, calculated by its cooling capacity for a typical cooling season divided by the amount of electrical energy that ‘he consumes during the same period. . A higher SEER rating indicates greater efficiency. While the minimum standard SEER rating is 14 for air conditioners, most modern air conditioners are rated between 14 and 21. To give these numbers some context, most older air conditioner models are rated around 9 or 10. It is important to keep in mind that other factors can also affect the efficiency of an air conditioning unit or system, such as the size of the building, its cooling or the composition of the air conditioning. building ducts.

If an owner or business owner in the Orlando, Florida area tries these easy methods to check the efficiency of their air conditioning units or systems only to discover a problem, Orlando Air Conditioning Experts are more than happy. to offer its assistance services. Company technicians are familiar with all HVAC related issues and are trained to service and repair all makes and models of air conditioners available to consumers.

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