This Grade 3 teacher just hit the internet with this full field photo


There is no more beloved person on the Internet right now than Ms. Fitz.

Who is Mrs. Fitz? Why, it’s Kathleen Fitzpatrick, of course – a former Hooper from Rutgers University became a 3rd year teacher. And she just hit the biggest, most important jump shot in the world for her class.

She promised them that if she hit a shot all over the field on the playground, she would reward her class with hot chocolate. You all know how kids do with hot chocolate. They want it. They are basically tiny hot chocolate vampires.

Of course, Fitz had to give them what they wanted. So she picked up the ball, aligned her shot and emptied it. No sweat at all.

Cash. Absolutely never a doubt. It is Elena Delle Donne’s best friend we are talking, after all. I feel like a smooth jump shot is a requirement for this friendship.

Her class is clearly grateful for her. Internet too. She provided the most heartwarming content we can all ask for right now.

People loved it.


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