The shrimp “cleans” the teeth of the diver, the Internet calls it “Crentist”

The video has been viewed thousands of times on social media.

The Internet is a repository of strange things. And every few days such incidents continue to shock the world. One of these videos, which has gone viral on the Internet, shows a diver having his teeth cleaned underwater by a shrimp.

Yes, you read it correctly. The video was shared by Amazing Nature on Twitter and viewed over 44,000 times. “Need teeth cleaned contact me,” the video’s caption read.

Watch the viral video:

The diver is seen near a coral reef in the ocean. He films the cleaner shrimp entering his open mouth. The tiny crustacean is seen picking up bits of food from the diver’s teeth and cleaning its gums with its feet.

The shrimp even entered the man’s mouth but he patiently stopped, allowing the animal to do its job.

Near the end of the 59-second video, the shrimp leaves the diver and returns to the coral reef.

Social media users were stunned as they watched the shrimp enter the diver’s mouth. “Crentist,” said one of the users on Twitter.

“Shrimp sir, you don’t floss everyday,” said another.

“No thanks, I’m going to stick with this super cool thing called a toothbrush,” a third user commented.

Shrimps are one of the most common species underwater. According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, their close relatives include crabs, crayfish, and lobsters.

They are characterized by a semi-transparent body flattened from side to side and a flexible abdomen ending in a fan-shaped tail. The appendages are modified for swimming and the antennae are long and whip-like.

Shrimp are found in all oceans – in shallow and deep waters – and in lakes and freshwater streams. Many species are commercially important as food.

Shrimp vary in length from a few millimeters to over 20 cm (about 8 inches); the average size is about 4 to 8 cm (1.5 to 3 inches). Larger individuals are often called shrimp.

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