The internet is backing a woman for suggesting her husband stole her precious bracelet

In a new viral post, the internet has defended a woman who casually suggested her husband stole her prized bracelet so he could buy a new gaming system.

U/JimmyJimJ35 took to Reddit’s “AmITheA**hole” forum, which has over 3 million subscribers to explain her situation to the community. The Redditor explained that she works in retail and lives in an apartment with her husband, who is unemployed. She admitted that it is difficult to pay all the bills with just her salary.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the United States Department of Labor, there were 6.5 million unemployed people in the United States in January 2020, where the unemployment rate was 4%.

When her mother passed away a few months ago, the only thing she received from the inheritance was a gold bracelet. The user keeps the object in her closet where only she and her husband come near.

When she went to look for him one day, he was nowhere to be found. Upset by the disappearance, she ends up moving on. A few days later, she noticed that her husband had come home with a brand new gaming system.

“I didn’t expect this. I asked where he got the money and he said he borrowed it from a friend. But as far as I know he only has 2 friends and both have sworn not to lend him a dime since he never pays them back,” she wrote.

She continued, “When I reminded him of that, he just glanced at me and asked if I was implying that he took my bracelet, pawned it, then bought the console. I shrugged and said “well… don’t you think it’s weird that the bracelet disappeared into thin air? then 2 days later you bought a console?’ he got mad and said i was so delusional i even hinted he might have stolen the bracelet.”

The argument continued, where her husband claimed he was “managing his current financial situation”, adding that he could afford to buy entertainment while his wife could not. After a few more words, OP’s husband (original poster) left, bringing his new game console with him, and expected an apology when he returned.

Reddit users were quick to defend OP in the comments section.

In the top comment with over 16,000 upvotes, u/mugofanxitea asked, “Why are you married to this man?”

“NTA. Maybe the gift your mom gave you isn’t the gold bracelet, it’s getting rid of your husband,” u/turningviolet313 wrote, earning over 13,000 upvotes.

U/VacationInevitable26 agreed, saying, “NTA. Your husband is a tramp and you should never be with someone you can’t trust. File a police report and they’ll send pictures of the bracelet to every pawnshop. If the pawnshop has the bracelet, they will notify the police immediately and let them know who sold it to them.”

“NTA. If you have pictures of the bracelet, go to the pawnshops and show them. File a police report and they’ll look for it too,” U/murphy2345678 said. “Deep down you know he stole it and you deserve better than that!”

A woman has taken to Reddit to get the opinion of many if she should be taken as the asshole for implying that her husband stole her prized wristband for a new gaming system.
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