SPI pays $4 billion for learning recovery

California Department of Education
Press release

California Department of Education
Press release

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November 2, 2022

SACRAMENTO — State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond today announced the availability of $4 billion in funding to county offices of education, school districts and charter schools for learning recovery initiatives. Under Thurmond’s leadership, California has worked proactively to provide additional resources to help our students beyond 2024, when federal relief funding expires. These efforts included the $7.9 billion Emergency Learning Recovery Block Grant available to schools in this year’s state budget. These one-time funds are to be used through 2027-28 for strategies to support the resumption of school learning, including intensive tutoring, additional instructional time, accelerated learning strategies, intervention in early literacy, other learning supports, and the social and emotional well-being of staff and students. after two and a half difficult years of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The first of two equal distributions began being sent to county education offices yesterday, and Local Education Agencies (LEAs) are expected to begin receiving funds soon after to help resume learning throughout throughout the 2027-2028 school year. The second installment is scheduled for spring 2023. Total benefit amounts (XLSX) for each LEA are available on the CDE Funding Results webpage. County superintendents were notified this week of the first distribution via the First Distribution for the Learning Recovery Emergency Block Grant: CDE Letter for Fiscal Year 2022-2023.

“We pressed for these historic state investments knowing that California students – as well as everyone in the country – have gone through a very difficult time and faced many challenges,” Superintendent Thurmond said. . “Now that the state has provided these unprecedented resources, we want to turn the money into impact, work with our schools so they learn best practices for accelerated and recovered learning, and highlight research and proven strategies to improve the lives of all students.”

Additional state resources for districts to support learning recovery efforts include an additional $3 billion for expanded learning, for an ongoing total of $4 billion, to reduce staff-to-student ratios and increasing time during the school year, summer school, and intersessional programs, as well as $250 million to expand literacy programs and hire and train reading and literacy coaches and specialists.

Last month, Thurmond launched the first in a series of virtual webinars to educate LEAs, including district and charter school administrators and classroom educators, about accelerating learning and how schools are using billions of dollars in public funding to successfully combat learning loss from the pandemic. Thurmond and the CDE will host the next in this series of webinars on November 10, and an invitation will be sent to LEAs with more information later this week.

The CDE has also created an online resource for LEAs to support their efforts to promote learning recovery. This new CDE Learning Acceleration and Recovery Resources webpage centralizes information from several programs that can be used to support learning recovery efforts. This includes several highlights of what LEAs have done with multiple sources of funding to accelerate learning.

For more information, LEA staff may contact the CDE School Improvement and Support Office at [email protected] Learn more about the grant on the CDE Learning Recovery Emergency Block Grant webpage.

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