Six different ways to carry your vaccination record


These days, some scenarios such as concerts, college campuses, and sporting events require attendees to be vaccinated against COVID-19. But let’s face it: immunization cards are just a clunky size. At 4 by 3 inches, it’s too big to fit like a credit card in your wallet or phone case.

In addition, the card material is heavy paper which needs to be folded and folded if thrown in a purse or pocket. So how does a vaccinated individual wear their card? Discover six different ways to keep your immunization card handy:

Specially designed in the perfect shape, a vaccine card holder shows you received the vaccine in style. They come in a variety of styles, some with a flap and others just a sleeve. Supports are a great way to show off your personality. Have fun with it and choose one to match your purse or one with puns or bold designs.

Vaccination card holders are increasingly common in the online shopping world. They can be found at Small Businesses on Etsy, like this black holder with a fun holographic image, or a brave plague doctor door-style. Additionally, larger scale retailers like Amazon and resale stores like Poshmark also sell card holders.


The use of a lanyard makes it possible to keep a vaccination record around the neck at all times. A clear plastic card pocket attached to the bottom of the lanyard provides peace of mind for those worried about losing or forgetting their immunization card. The cord method is a smart way for the elderly or young children to follow it when needed. Individuals can choose a cord that matches their vibe, such as one that matches their outfits or represents their favorite sports team.

If you are looking to buy wholesale, buyers can find a pack of five straps with brackets for around $ 7 on Amazon. Never lose your lanyard with a light and waterproof holder like this one from Walmart.

Passport holder

Traveling abroad may require proof of vaccination. Instead of trying to balance carrying your phone, passport, luggage, boarding ticket, and vaccination card on your next trip, keep all your important documents in one place with a passport holder with a pocket for vaccination card.

Leather material on the outside provides durable protection on the go. Choose a baby carrier in your favorite color; this one from Amazon comes in nine different colors and costs just $ 10.

The attached transparent pocket makes proof of vaccination a quick and easy process. Buyers can also choose a passport holder with RFID blocking capacity. RFID blocking prevents electronic pickpocketing, a feature that could come in handy when traveling.


Looking for something smaller than a purse but bigger than a wallet? Try to use a bracelet. Bracelets are a small handbag with a short strap worn around the wrist. They are a good size to carry your vaccination record while still having room for a few other essentials. Plus, the zipper ensures that the card won’t go anywhere.

Bracelets vary in price and can be found anywhere handbags are sold, such as in a thrift store, department store, or boutique. If you are on a budget, Walmart has cute options for $ 20 and under or if you’re looking to splurge buy from a premium brand like Kate spade, whose bracelets range from around $ 90 to $ 200. The styles of bracelets are endless, so you can find a pattern or color scheme that will last all year round or change your style with the seasons.

Key ring

If you drive everywhere, a set of car keys is always attached to your hip. So invest in a vaccination book case with a key ring that you can attach to your car key ring.

Choose from a range of leather colors from this Etsy shop or buy a two-pack at Amazon so you and a friend can pair up in style. Attach the holder and keys to a full-length lanyard or bracelet-style lanyard for maximum convenience.


Take a photo of the front and back of your vaccination record. It can potentially save the day in the event of a pinch. However, not all places and events accept photographic evidence, some require physical proof of vaccination.

Check the venue or event’s website or social media to see their proof of vaccination policy. To keep the photo readily available, iPhone users can bookmark the image in their photos or save the photo in the Notes app and pin the note. Android users can download a photo widget app which saves the photo as a thumbnail on the home screen.

While it can be tempting, avoid posting a photo of your vaccination card on social media. It potentially shares personal information with crooks or thieves. Instead, post a selfie with a funny caption on receiving the vaccine or an informative infographic to share the news.


Laminating a vaccination card can prevent it from sustaining damage from daily wear and tear. Most office supply stores such as Office depot or dispatch centers like FedEx offer lamination services. It’s a quick process that can be done in store and often the same day or within 24 hours.

Now the card can be placed in a back pocket or purse without fear of wrinkling. However, it is recommended that if you are planning to potentially receive a COVID-19 booster or if you still need a second dose, wait to laminate your card. There are spaces to record future plans and sealing the card in plastic would prevent any information from being added.

If you’ve lost your vaccination card, that’s OK. It can be replaced. First, contact the vaccination provider, whether it is a pharmacy, vaccination center, or local government office. If the provider cannot be reached, contact the immunization information system of your respective state health department. Then, the state health department may email or post a copy of the immunization card, which may take one to two weeks, depending on UNITED STATES TODAY.


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