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10/01/2021: Get rid of XE codes
You can also run a simple find and replace to remove all the XE codes added to the Word document. Looking for:
^ 19 XE
. . . and replacing it with nothing, will erase all XE codes present in a Word document.

10/02/2021: Tabs in RelativityOne
The sidebar will display more or less tabs depending on the size of the web browser you are using. If the icon of a tab is not of sufficient resolution, it will only be accessible in the ‘More’ menu.

10/03/2021: Find Key Terms Quickly in RelativityOne
Occurrences of terms will be highlighted in yellow in the document. When you select one of the multiple scroll panes, with a use of the term in a context that interests you, that instance of the term will be highlighted in blue in the document.

10/04/21: copy text on document viewer disabled
Ask the Relativity workspace administrator to confirm that the group you belong to has the local access option on the document object checked. Otherwise, you will not be able to copy to the document viewer.

5/10/2021: Reduce the cost of the ACE in relativity
The cost of early case assessment can be reduced by using links to the standard workspace, rather than preparing duplicates for the standard workspace. If duplicates are used, Relativity will charge twice for the data in the repository workspace and the standard workspace used for the review.

06/10/2021: Relativity filters
Any term entered directly into a filter’s search box will be treated as a wildcard.
. . . if you enter an asterisk in the filter, it will be treated as a search character and you may not get results for the root preceding the asterisk.

07/10/2021: Redaction of RelativityOne
Although Redact makes it easy to write Excel files, it is not possible to use it to write .csv files.

08/10/2021: Exam of fools for continuous active learning in relativity
The Remove Duplicate Documents setting should be set to Yes, you are performing a “cover review” in order to train the system as quickly as possible. In this model, documents for which the system is most uncertain will be added to the review queue first – those with a rank around 50 on the 0-100 scale.

10/09/2021: Scaling Resources in RelativityOne
When a processing task takes more than 10 minutes and other tasks are in progress, scaling should be initiated within 45 minutes.

10/10/2021: SLA vs. OLA vs. UC
Service level agreements are often signed between law firms or the client and e-discovery providers. Agreements will be based on the supplier providing services to a customer.

10/11/2021: Finding Regular Expressions for Bates Numbers
( b w {1,10} (- | _ | s?)[0-9]{5.12} b | b w {1.10} (- | _ | s?) B w {1.10} (- | _ | s?)[0-9]{5.12} b)

12/10/2021: PowerShell script to run RegEx and output results
select-string -Path C: foofolder input.txt -Path “( b w {1,10} (- | _ | s?)[0-9]{5.12} b | b w {1.10} (- | _ | s?) B w {1.10} (- | _ | s?)[0-9]{5.12} b) ”-AllMatchs | % {$ _. Matches} | select-object Unique-value | Sort object value> C: foofolder output2.txt

10/13/2021: Search for 32 characters plus strings in dtSearch
Note that the dtSearch index in Relativity is configured to break all words longer than 32 characters.

10/14/2021: SDNY: When documents linked to documents are not attachments
“It is clear to this Court that there was no consensus on whether the hyperlinks were attachments and this Court, when entering the order, did not consider the hyperlinks to be. attachments. Although the protocol refers to “files containing extracted embedded OLE documents”, the Court understands that these are embedded and displayed documents, such as a chart or graph in a Word document or an email, and not hypertext documents. ” Nicholas c. Noom, Inc., No. 20-CV-3677 (LGS) (KHP), 2021 WL 948646, at * 3 (SDNY March 11, 2021)

10/15/2021: Force a stop
The command:
stop / s / f / t 0
. . . will force shutdown a device that you can no longer control because it is caught in a cycle using too many system resources.

10/16/2021: Sizes of text fields in relativity
The default length for a fixed-length text field is 255 characters, and Relativity recommends that this field not exceed 400 characters. Additionally, you must ensure that all fixed-length text fields for a single object do not exceed 8,060 bytes (or 8KB) in total data size. Check the use of the field for an object to confirm that this limit is not exceeded.

10/17/2021: Automatically send multiple Outlook emails with multiple attachments
Michael Dew, a lawyer from the Great White North, has done American lawyers a great service by creating an MS Excel spreadsheet that can be used to send multiple emails in MS Outlook to different recipients, each email having parts. different joints.

10/18/2021: Enable or disable Windows features
In Windows 10, in the “Programs and Features” settings, you will see an option to “Turn Windows features on or off”. One of the coolest features is the “Windows Subsystem for Linux,” which you can use to run Linux software.

10/19/2021: EDGAR bans automated PDF
Even if you try to create a PDF of a folder with an add-in tool in a browser, you might not get the PDF you thought you would get. Instead, the resulting PDF will be an SEC notice that the file download request was made with a restricted automated tool.

20/10/2021: Source code and object code
Developer’s source code is editable code that a programmer can modify. The source code will be translated into object code which comes in a binary form that the hardware can read and then used to perform certain steps.

10/21/2021: ClickShare to connect visitors’ laptops to meeting room monitors
Some companies are now using a device called ClickShare to connect laptops over wifi to audiovisual devices. This BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting) technology works by inserting a small device called a “button” into a laptop computer. It is a unified communications (UC) tool that combines different types of communication (voice, video, messaging).

10/22/2021: X.500 emails
X.500 will have a format like this:
o = OldCOmpanyName 1 / ou = First administrative group / cn = Recipients / cn = First name.Last name.

The administrative group for an X.500 email must be identified by an alphanumeric string. If you know the group code of a server and have collected emails from custodians who have all shared that server, finding the group code is easy to determine if you have X.500 emails that could escape standard searches for e-mail addresses.

10/23/2021: Nettops, thin clients, zero clients and web clients
Zero clients – unable to store data locally. These devices will be configured to work with one protocol to connect to a server, while a thin client can connect with multiple protocols.

24/10/2021: cleaning of printers
Some printers have cleaning mechanisms that require maintenance assistance. The HP M252 color has this feature, and it can help you avoid ink smears on prints.

10/25/2021: CaseView hiccups on the web
If you have a URL for that doesn’t work, try using the session and password listed in the URL for the CaseView app.

10/26/2021: Detect Earth speed violations in relativity
The night tip of May 28, 2021 dealt with tracking “ground speed” violations, when the same user logs in from two different locations that are far apart. The Relativity Security Center can help an administrator monitor such suspicious connections. Security Center generates a map showing all connections that have taken place in the last 7 days.

10/27/2021: Create Better Web Page Exposures With Edge
Microsoft’s new Edge browser contains a “web capture” option on the File menu. This will give you the option to save the webpage in jpeg format, which will capture the look of the webpage perfectly.

10/28/2021: Tracking pixels
An image embedded in an e-mail must be uploaded to a server by the recipient. This allows the sender to determine exactly when an e-mail message is opened. Images will often be added surreptitiously and may be transparent. The general concept is known as a web beacon or tracking pixel. It can be made to work not only with images but other elements of HTML.

10/29/2021: How Deleted Emails Are Recovered in Exchange
In Exchange, an administrator can access “In Place eDiscovery & Hold” under Compliance Management. The admin will be able to select specific email accounts to search and find the emails that have been deleted from the deleted items folder.

10/30/2021: Hide cell content with semicolons
Entering two semicolons in the Custom category of the Number tab will hide the contents of all cells that only contain positive or negative numbers:

10/31/2021: Creating a block chart in Excel
It is possible to set up a block chart in Excel with a few simple steps. This technique involves entering percentages in one percent increments into 100 cells on a worksheet.


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