Revolutionary references for SMS marketing



SMS marketing exceeds app and email subscriber retention by a factor of 2 times and 3 times.

You need the facts. Data-driven truths. Wild claims from digital marketing platform providers are worthless when you need to know for sure whether your brand’s investment in a text-based marketing program will actually pay off. Will a Restaurant SMS Marketing Program Cure Cancer? Create peace in the world? Repair your marriage? Probably not.

But, despite the growing acceptance of text messaging as the mainstay of a restaurant brand’s digital marketing mix, there has been a dearth of published research or analysis based on actual data from text programs.

Until now.

This landmark restaurant text marketing report is the result of an in-depth 3-year analysis of text-based program data, exploring over 500 million text transactions sent to 15 million consumers from over 40 foodservice brands. Now we can quantify the impact of an SMS marketing program and calculate its economic value.

Inside this free report:

  • Real text messaging program statistics based on over 40 catering brands
  • Text Club subscriber rating identified from signup rates, retention rates, click-through rates, redemption rates, sales transactions and other aspects of actual customer behavior
  • Analysis and strategic orientation on types of messages and promotional offers sent identify the types of campaigns that generated the strongest responses from subscribers
  • Subscriber behavior, including analysis of text messaging policies, showing what works and what doesn’t
  • Chain comparison on the relative effectiveness and return on investment of text programs, branded apps, emails and loyalty programs


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