Quintez Brown searched the Internet for Bill Dieruf on the day of Craig Greenberg’s office shooting

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) – According to his internet search history, Quintez Brown, the accused gunman who allegedly shot Louisville mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg in his office in February, also sought information on the Republican candidate Bill Dieruf on the day of shooting.

Greenberg, a Democrat, was in his Butchertown office with his employees on Valentine’s Day when he said a gunman opened fire. No one was hurt, but a bullet pierced Greenberg’s sweater. Brown was apprehended about a mile from the shooting site, armed with a gun and multiple magazines.

He was charged with attempted murder and several counts of wanton endangerment. Brown was later released from the Louisville Metro Department of Corrections for house arrest after the Louisville Community Bail Fund paid Brown’s $100,000 cash bail.

A Jefferson County Grand Jury charged Brown a few weeks laterMarch 28. He pleaded not guilty in Jefferson Circuit Court on April 4, before his federal indictment April 6. At a hearing on April 15, federal prosecutors revealed more details about Brown’s case, including his history of buying firearms and his history of web searches for home addresses. and professionals from Greenberg. Prosecutors said evidence showed he drove a Lyft to Greenberg’s home with a gun the day before the Butchertown shooting. A few minutes later, he figured out how to empty a loaded ball upside down on his phone. He then searched for a gun store near Greenberg’s house.

Other Internet search logs from Brown, which were unsealed by a federal judge, show that on the day of the shooting at Greenberg’s office, he also searched for Dieruf, who is currently the mayor of Jeffersontown. According to the newspapers, Brown googled “j town mayor office” and spent several minutes on Dieruf’s Instagram page.

“As mayor for 11 years, I’m sure my name has been Googled many times for various reasons,” Dieruf said in a statement. “It does not change my daily life or my way of managing the city. I know Quintez Brown has been looking up my name on his computer since the FBI reviewed his Internet search history following the February incident. Jeffersontown Police Chief Rick Sanders and I then met with FBI agents regarding what they found and were told the information was confidential due to the ongoing investigation.

Brown remains in federal custody. A judge is expected to issue a written decision on his detention by May 5.

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