Pearson launches digital library to improve higher education



Aligned with NEP 2020, digital library seeks to increase accessibility of electronic content and provide over 4,000 titles

Disciplines covered include business management, nursing and personal development, new age technologies, business and economics, and much more

Pearson India has launched a complete digital learning solution,

in line with its commitment to support the Digital India initiative and the NEP 2020 goal of improving accessibility of electronic content and digital libraries across the country.

The initiative will provide institutes, teachers and learners with a wide range of e-book collections and digital content in several disciplines.

The digital library will act as a single, convenient digital repository for students, enabling them to learn on the go with hassle-free study materials available anytime, anywhere.

Offline reading capabilities and quick review tools such as voice notes, highlights, hyperlinks and web links, and 24-hour access to study material make this digital library a tailor-made solution. to meet the demands of today’s learners and UI / UX integration improves ease of learning and access. Students can access the digital library through multiple devices such as laptop, mobile, and desktop.

Explaining how this comprehensive 360-degree learning ecosystem works for teachers and institutes, Rajesh Pankajakshan, Product Manager, Pearson India said, “Our new offering demonstrates our commitment to support the government in its mission and provide flexible, student-friendly e-text solutions for learners. With over 4000 eBook titles, we are confident that our vast repository of content from renowned authors will help us meet the growing demand for quality resources and lead India to become the destination of global studies.

Main characteristics

  • 4000+ title and precise quality content
  • Integrated analysis for informed decision making
  • UI / UX for an enhanced learning experience
  • Easy LMS integration and single sign-on access
  • Access on multiple devices such as laptop, mobile and desktop
  • Quick review tools like voice notes, highlight, hyperlinks, web links

In addition, the digital library also aims to enhance the higher education learning ecosystem by delivering accurate quality content using integrated analytics, which will help learners to see their usage and teachers and institutes to monitor student progress.

The easy integration of the Learning Management System (LMS) for Institutes will give students and teachers the benefit of single sign-on access, which means they can access products with a single login in the college system, instead of needing a separate connection. Based on a cloud and IP subscription model, it will help institutes reduce costs by going digital and saving significantly on physical infrastructure.

Commenting on the launch, Siddharth Banerjee, MD, India and Asia, Pearson said: “The COVID-19 crisis has been a critical inflection point for the education landscape and global trends such as high penetration rate smartphones, the rise of ICT-based technologies. reading devices and the long-established habit of searching for information online have led to the exponential growth of digital libraries. Based on NEP 2020, the Indian government is also developing plans to build a robust digital infrastructure and improve the availability and accessibility of learning content across the country. At Pearson, we understand this vision and therefore launched this product to strengthen the higher education learning ecosystem.

Disciplines offered through the digital library include engineering, humanities and social sciences, business management, nursing and personal development, new age technologies, business and economics, science and mathematics , exam preparation (competition), English language and much more.

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Last updated on November 21, 2021


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