Now transfer Dogecoin without an active internet connection

The Doge memecoin can now be transferred without an active internet connection. And yes, Dogefather Elon Musk played a role in this development.

According to the Dogecoin Foundation core development team, the Dogecoin cryptocurrency was successfully delivered 100 miles from its origin via radio transmission using the RadioDoge protocol, Libdogecoin and the Starlink satellite network.

RadioDoge is a protocol created by the Dogecoin Foundation that aims to provide access to Dogecoin via low-cost radio technology using Starlink satellites and Libdogecoin is a library of C language-based Dogecoin protocols that are used to build Dogecoin projects.

Michi Lumin, a developer from the Dogecoin Foundation, took to Twitter to announce the breakthrough.

According to the tweet, the developer delivered 4.2069 DOGE with the help of RadioDoge, Libdogecoin, and Starlink mainnet.

Starlink is a broadband satellite constellation operated by SpaceX. And SpaceX is founded by none other than Dogefather Elon Musk himself. Elon Musk has previously vocally supported the meme token, often causing spikes in the price of the cryptocurrency.

Interestingly, Bitcoin was the first crypto token that could be sent without an active internet connection. Previously, Bitcoin transactions took place without an active Internet connection through a mesh network, amateur radio equipment, and portable antennas. Dogecoin was trading down 4.07% at $0.1288 as of 10:50 am IST on Monday, according to data from CoinMarketCap.

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