“Ninja Kitty” plays a game on a tablet, the Internet gives a thumbs up

We can see a kitten playing Fruit-Ninja, on a tablet.

A video is going viral on social media in which a kitten can be seen playing Fruit-Ninja, a popular game, on a tablet. The video is sure to take away all your worries.

The music video, shared to Twitter by user @Yoda4ever on April 19, has a caption: “Ninja Kitty got a little carried away”

Fruit-Ninja is a hit fruit cutting mobile game enjoyed by billions of players worldwide.

The video got over 16 lakh views and still counting. In the video, the kitten appears to appear with a woman and the tablet lying on the couch. The playful kitten tries to slice all the fruits appearing on the screen because he doesn’t want to miss any.

Other Instagram users also reacted to the post with funny emoji and hearts.

“Now there is no escape for you,” one user commented.

Cats playing games on tablets have become so popular that companies have started creating apps specifically for our furry companions.

A company has created three different apps for cats, one of which features an animated mouse that the cat can chase.

Another game allows cats to use a tablet to “paint” digitally. The app description reads, “Watch your cat create vibrant, abstract expressionist paintings while chasing a rainbow mouse.”

The domestication of cats is said to have started in ancient Egypt. There were an estimated 220 million pet cats and 480 million stray cats worldwide in 2021.

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