Mozambique: Tropical Cyclone Gombe Flash Update No. 6 (as of March 25, 2022) – Mozambique

Strong points

  • The latest impact data indicates that Gombe affected at least 736,015 people (148,253 families), caused 63 deaths and injured 108 people, mainly affecting the provinces of Nampula and Zambezia and, to a lesser extent, Sofala, Beira,
    Provinces of Tete and Niassa.

  • While the number of affected people has increased significantly, the number of displaced people housed in shelters has decreased and now stands at 14,119 people.

  • Inter-agency assessments have been completed in Nampula Province and are expected to be completed in Zambezia Province early next week.

  • Given the overstretched resources and the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the northern region, additional financial support to cover the growing needs is urgently needed.

Overview of the situation

According to the latest data from the Institute for Disaster Management and Risk Reduction (INGD), to date, Gombe has affected at least 736,015 people (148,253 families), claimed 63 lives and injured 108 people. While the number of people affected has increased dramatically, the number of displaced people housed in shelters has fallen from over 23,000 to 14,119 people, indicating that people have started to return home as the flood waters recede. The number of shelters created by the government has increased from 49 to 34.

As information on the impact of the cyclone is gathered, the extent of damage to infrastructure continues to increase. A total of 141,854 houses were partially damaged or completely destroyed, along with 69 health centres, 1,458 classrooms (affecting 143,904 students), 2,764 electricity poles and 12 water supply systems. A total of 91,177 hectares of crops have been lost with serious concern for the food security prospects of the affected areas.

A total of 1,008 km of roads were badly damaged; the National Roads Administration was able to complete emergency repair works on the North-South Highway (EN1) that connects Zambezia Province to Nampula Province which reopened to traffic on 23 March. On March 22, the Electricity Company of Mozambique (EDM) succeeded in reconnecting the Ilha district of Moçambique, in the north of the country, to the national electricity grid, from which it had been cut off when tropical cyclone Gombe hit land at the beginning of the month.

The figures for the impact on people and infrastructure are expected to increase further. Multi-sectoral needs assessments were completed in Nampula province this week while in Zambezi they will be finalized early next week.

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