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Microsoft launches new resource for Java developers

Microsoft has launched a Java Developer Resources webpage, described as a one-stop shop for tools and resources that enable Java jocks to productively code, deploy and scale their applications.

It’s an expansion of Microsoft’s ongoing investment in the Java developer experience and ecosystem, which on its site for Microsoft’s version of OpenJDK proclaims “We use more Java than we can imagine it” on properties such as Azure, Minecraft, SQL Server, Visual Studio Code, LinkedIn and more.

According to a spokesperson, the new Java at Microsoft webpage features:

  • Resources including documentation, videos, and samples that help Java developers build and scale efficiently on Microsoft Azure or any other operating system.
  • A PDF that explains how to code, deploy and scale Java development, allowing developers to use any tool, framework and application server on any operating system.
  • A second document that illustrates Microsoft’s best practices for how the company itself uses Java, including significant parts of its business.

Regarding the best practices listed in this last point above, the site, for example, can cause developers to FastTrack for Azurewhich even specifically targets ISVs and startups with technical guidance and best practices for building apps on Azure in a custom program.

Java e-book infographic
[Click on image for larger view.] Java e-book infographic (source: Microsoft).

Another offer of the site, the “Code, deploy and scale Java your waye-book (bullet point #2 above), promises to help readers:

  • Keep writing code using the Java tools and frameworks they already know and love.
  • Deploy their Java applications using their favorite application servers and open source software.
  • Scale their Java applications with ease and confidence, including requirements such as security, support for data and messaging services, caching, monitoring, and automation.

“A lot of people are surprised to learn that we use Java to run important parts of Microsoft and enable thousands of customers to do the same,” Microsoft’s Julia Liuson said in an Aug. 30 blog post on the site. company’s Tech Community titled “Microsoft is committed to the success of Java developers.”

“Specifically, Bing – Microsoft’s web search engine, which also powers the Windows Start menu search function – uses Java to perform indexing-related functions,” Liuson continued. “Beyond Bing, Azure’s infrastructure control plane, and other divisions such as LinkedIn, Minecraft, and Yammer use Java extensively. We have deployed over 2 million JVMs for our internal systems and our business needs.

“We actively support Java community organizations to invest in and help promote the future of Java. We contribute to OpenJDK, and Eclipse Adoptium, Jakarta EE and MicroProfile in the Eclipse Foundation; we are also a member of the Java Community Process.”

Looks like they’re using more Java than you can imagine.

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