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CHENNAI: In an effort to make Chennai safer for motorists and commuters, the government of Tamil Nadu is preparing to launch a tender for the intelligent transportation systems installation project of the Chennai metropolitan area of Rs 660 crore.

The tender for the project, which will help build an efficient traffic system to meet the growing demands of the Chennai metropolitan area, is expected to be launched after obtaining final approval from the Smart City Board (SCB), according to official sources. The tender, which was due to go out by the end of January, has been delayed by almost 10 months as the government seeks further improvements to the project.

“There were some changes and improvements required by the SCB and once the consultant does, we will move forward,” the manager said. “The cost of the project will remain the same. Internally we needed some changes, ”the official source said.

We learn that SCB wanted the bus information system in more places. The system is developed with GPS devices on government buses synchronized with geocoded bus stops. Through this, passengers will receive information about the state of congestion of the road network and the expected journey time on various routes.

Interestingly, the detailed project report is ready. Japanese bank JICA’s share in the project is 465 crore while 195 crore will be provided by the state. The main components of the project include the Chennai Traffic Information System, the Traffic Management System and the City Bus System.

The traffic information and management system will improve traffic control and management and provide efficient traffic information. This includes the implementation of an Adaptive Traffic Light Control System (ATCS) at 165 intersections. ATCS is a solution that adjusts traffic light schedules according to traffic conditions in real time.

The traffic management system will also have a vehicle incident detection system at 58 locations. This would also include the 50 junction red light violation detection system, the 10 location speed limit violation system, the 115 location automatic traffic counter and classifier (ATCC), and the probe and internet system. ATCC monitors the traffic flow of a section of road in real time, counts vehicles and classifies them according to their predefined classes.

We learn that once the intelligent transport system is in place, traffic violations will decrease in Chennai. The Chennai Traffic Information and Management System Command and Control Center will be located at the Greater Chennai Police Headquarters and an Urban Bus System Command and Control Center at the MTC Headquarters. In addition, road users can select alternative routes based on information about traffic congestion and expected travel time.

Incidentally, a robust intelligent transport system is also likely to be implemented as part of a project supported by German bank KfW and the Nirbhaya fund. Even the smart city project envisions an ITS system. All of these elements need to be integrated. Meanwhile, experts have insisted that there is a need for technical expertise on the part of the government in such massive projects.

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