Maggi inside a Paratha? ! Indores’ latest street food invention has caused confusion on the internet

Fusion cuisine has become the latest trend! People like to experiment and combine different dishes to create a new one. But some dishes just aren’t meant to be combined; for example, the dosa and ice cream combo seems like a bad idea, right? But that hasn’t stopped street vendors from creating a dish called masala dosa ice cream roll. People can’t draw a line on how certain dishes should be merged, and it’s caused an uproar on the internet. Today we found another equally confusing fusion dish that is sure to confuse you. An Indore-based street vendor has decided to take the beloved Maggi and the classic breakfast paratha to make a fusion dish called Maggi paratha! Looked:

In the video, we see the man start by doing the Maggi. The Maggi vegetable is filled with onions, tomatoes and peas. The cooked Maggi is then placed inside the rolled dough and sealed, just like the aloo is filled with aloo paratha or the paneer is filled with paneer paratha. The paratha filled with Maggi is then cooked over a hot tawa. We can see the Maggi bursting from the paratha while being cooked on the tawa. Once ready, the paratha is topped with cheese (it seems street food is incomplete without adding cheese to any dish). The video was originally shared on Instagram by food blogger Prashant Vijayvargiya. It was later reshared by RJ Rohan. It garnered 58k views and 2.6k likes.

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Paratha and Maggi, both are dishes that are often enjoyed for breakfast; however, people weren’t amused to see these two classic breakfast dishes merged into one. However, some people found this fusion dish appetizing. Would you be interested in trying this dish? Tell us in the comments section below!

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