League’s COVID-19 Procedures for Spring Semester


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As Syracuse University wraps up its fall 2021 semester, questions remain about the future of the university’s COVID-19 policies, including the masking and vaccine mandates. Here is an overview of all the procedures that will be in place when students return from winter vacation.

Governor Kathy Hochul reinstated the statewide mask mandate in indoor public places in New York on Friday following an increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations and the overall average weekly infection rate . This mandate will end on January 15, 2022, when it will enter a review period before the spring semester. If the order is extended, SU is committed to following all government guidelines, including any new mask warrant.

SU is below the “RED” masking level, requiring all students to wear masks indoors at all times and outdoors when other people are present. The university has been below this level since August 28 and has not weakened despite fluctuations in COVID-19 cases on campus.

SU’s hiding policy is determined not only by the data on campus, but also by the active cases in Onondaga County, which have been criticized by students.


New York detected 19 cases of omicron variants on Thursday. The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention recommends that all eligible people receive a COVID-19 booster injection, and SU requires that all eligible students, faculty, and staff receive their COVID-19 booster injection before returning to the clinic. campus for the spring semester.

The only exemption from the vaccine recall requirement is an approved medical or religious waiver filed at The Arch’s Barnes Center, according to a campus-wide email Friday. Students who already have the COVID-19 vaccination record waiver do not need to take any further action, the email said.

League professors will need to submit proof of their vaccination status to the university. The SU Human Resources Office has partnered with other academic offices to formulate a process for validating submitted faculty documents, including any religious and medical exemptions.

Students should submit their recall documents, along with other immunization records, to their patient portal.

Flu shots are also required for the 2022 spring semester. The League has held campus flu shot clinics for students and faculty in the fall.

As of December 10, there were 69 active cases of COVID-19 on campus, with a surveillance positivity rate of 0.4%. Five students are in quarantine.

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