LankaWeb – Scramble for Sri Lanka – to take control of Sri Lanka’s national resources – People vs Corporates

Shenali D Waduge

Sri Lanka faces several challenges – all taken together, the ultimate goal is simply to gain control of Sri Lanka. Resource control makes a nation compliant and meets the geopolitical goals of parties using various modus operandi to achieve their goals. This is what the citizens of Sri Lanka need to understand. We are played against each other and in the midst of confusion and chaos, they walk away with all our resources!

We should have understood by now that UN/UNHRC were used to weaken our internal systemscamouflaging this campaign with ‘accountability’, ‘transparency’, ‘UN goals’, ‘UN checklists’, occasionally sending UN rapporteurs with their red cards.

We should have understood by now that IMF/World Bank and other international monetary institutes have also been used to grant loans based on “kickbacks” – negotiations only end “you will only get the loan if you do what we say and accept what we want”. Funds” are also granted to subtly launch programs or initiatives to follow their agenda – educational funds mean there is no inclusion of history in the curriculum, or fake history , or the laundering of historical crimes. Funds have their own magic. Privatization is a key area of ​​these funds and loans to take control of our resources. Renting land/resources for 99 years means that our generation will never benefit from the resources or see their return for 99 years.

We should now have understood the role that neoliberal think tanks/NGOs/civil society act as ‘lobbyists’ for corporate agenda. Look at the way they organize research papers, organize lectures and tamashas to project a very glorious future if state resources fall under the control of corporations, mainly foreign corporations using the premises as fronts. In colonial times, these inhabitants were called “sepoys” “lascoreans” – they received titles and awards for functioning as representatives of the white man. Post-independence neocolonial programs continue to use the same people who are local in name only but who are loyal to the neoliberal paymasters.

By now we should also understand how all the above cannot happen if a country has a national leader, a strong government and a country that is moving forward peacefully. The goal is to undermine a strong nation.

We should now know that the the rabbits they pull out – unions, protests, demonstrators, fringe groups, terrorist groups and extremists – anyone willing to take part in some form of trouble to weaken a nation.

It is finally daylight on most of the reverses of the aragalaya. 1% of those protesters certainly had genuine grievances, but the rest were either hired or paid to promote other programs assigned to them. Protest organizers have effectively crippled future protests because no discouraged protester would want to be manipulated again. It serves their purpose to ensure that by the time they are successful with their programs, there is not much to protest because the purpose of protests has been destroyed. Nevertheless, people should protest but they should be careful who they involve in the future to protest alongside them and ensure that their protest is not infiltrated.

By now we should understand people, parties, issues and slogans used to divert people’s attention and make a government weak. We need to be aware of the threats and challenges as well as the many googlys that a government is forced to face. It is not easy to govern a nation according to a national plan when all those who seek to weaken Sri Lanka and take control of our resources launch a plethora of attacks 24/7 to deflect the government of its national plans. Equally dangerous is when enemies place a puppet government to do as they please. Discover puppets and dictators backed by regime change in other countries.

By now even citizens would have realized how easily they can be trapped by disinformation and misinformation, mainly because they are lazy to draw parallels with incidents happening around the world and compare them to what takes place in Sri Lanka. Only a few citizens have been insightful enough to see and realize these dangers and kudos to them for their efforts to educate the ignorant.

All the people in charge of this objective are used to make the country unstable. People are programmed to come out and shout against the government and the government is forced to take action that is harmful to the country and beneficial to those who orchestrated the chaos.

Does the image become clearer? None of the aragala supporters are willing to make these connections or even question whether they too have been used, at least those who have not received handouts for their “drama”.

So the the colonial agenda continues in neocolonial formats.

Indigenous cultures are targeted to be ridiculed and replaced with their own, “secularism” is promoted to suppress Indigenous religious identity and replace it with their own, Indigenous customs and traditions are subtly replaced with their “liberal” values ​​and neoliberal economic framework – all aimed at luring people into consumerism and selfishness and away from a compassionate society.

The settlers did not have sophisticated equipment. Neocolonials return to the lands they conquered with sophisticated equipment and technology to plunder what they could not. Data colonization is the essence of modern technology. All the resources of the world are electronically centralized and under the control of a handful to enjoy them, but charge the rest who have to pay to enjoy what nature has given us for free.

Unfortunately, much to our disappointment, UNPATRIOTIC POLITICIANS who jump from side to side, get caught in various honey traps laid by foreign intelligence (the baits are money, women, positions of power ). This undermines their commitment to the people and the nation and since independence their unpatriotic actions have eroded the level of political savvy expected of elected representatives to lead Sri Lanka as they have succumbed to all of the above scenarios.

The most recent scenario is to replace politicians with civil society. With the transfer of resources to corporations to be managed by civil society, the role of governance by government and politicians is removed. This is happening subtly without politicians realizing it or making the connection. Once they lose the ability to tax land or resources that fall into corporate hands and when civil society is tasked with doing what they used to do, politicians become useless and people will have no elections or parliament but a beneficial system for business and civil society & the NGOs that represent them to administer what people can benefit from at a cost & nothing like welfare.

Corrupt politicians are incentivized to facilitate corporate takeover of national resources/assets while others are charged with creating the environment to justify their transfer.

Politicians are the “takers” while the “givers” are the entities sent by geopolitical lobbies to acquire Sri Lanka’s lands, resources and assets. This is done by attempting to privatize state land, giving land away on a 99 year lease, which means people of our generation will never see that land back or even be able to use it. The next option to counter many oppositions is public-private partnerships with the same large corporations that have control of the resources and a possible share of the profits. SMEs are unlikely to partner with government.

Confusing the PPP is when third parties like the international monetary agencies who are the masters of the companies come in to dictate how the project is run. 3 stakeholders with 3 different sets of goals comes nowhere close to what the audience wants delivered.

Scramble for Africa is when a handful of Western countries took a pencil to divide Africa between them, baptize them with names and plunder Africa. The second phase of this plunder continues using technology and fanciful neoliberal terms and initiatives to justify their presence. The same thing happens with Pivot to Asia. Asia is now the target.

Africa or Asia will never be allowed to rise on their terms. This is only possible if we realize who the real enemies are, who their “sepoys” are and what kind of googlys they throw at us to destabilize us and how we can counter them. To do this, we must be convinced that it is our nation, that the resources and assets are for this generation and future generations and that it is our duty to protect, preserve and preserve them. foster.

Shenali D Waduge

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