Is Jill Scott’s Sex Tape REAL? The internet goes wild over rumors of singer’s X-rated music video

Singer Jill Scott found herself in the midst of an internet scandal as rumors circulated her sex tape leaked. On January 4, 2022, a Twitter user claimed there was a Jill Scott sex tape circulating, causing fans to lose their minds. While many frantically searched for the alleged X-rated clip, others joined in the drama by sharing jokes and daring memes about the same.

Recently, rapper Saucy Santana was the head of a sex tape scandal after reports revealed that a leaked video showed him having sex with another man. However, the 28-year-old hip-hop artist later denied all of the claims during an Instagram Live session. There was also a lot of buzz surrounding speculation about a sex tape between “Too Hot to Handle” star Harry Jowsey and influencer Tana Mongeau. Prior to that, fans accused rapper Hitman Holla of leaking a sex tape with his girlfriend Cinnamon.


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While Jill Scott herself has yet to release any statements regarding her sex tape rumors, over-enthusiastic fans are desperately scouring the internet for the same. In fact, ‘Jill Scott sex tape’ is now one of the top searches on top porn sites. “Jill Scott did what ??? my prayers were answered,” Mello Styles tweeted.

“If Jill Scott has a sextape… .. I’m calling for my job tomorrow,” another fan tweeted. A third fan joked, “Ngl, where’s that Jill Scott tape? For educational purposes obviously.”

However, it looks like it was all a hoax and the Twitter user who started the rumor just did it to shake everyone up. In fact, it didn’t take fans to realize the trope as they went after the OG poster for stoking the shocking rumor.

“Whoever started this rumor Jill Scott, count your days,” one fan warned, while another noted: “I was wondering how 2022 was going to start, my folks lying about a Jill Scott $ ex tape #jillscott. “
Another angry fan slammed the rumors, saying, “This is not a Jill Scott sex tape that mf was lying. How did you go about starting a rumor like that ?! Report her account.”

“I don’t care what all of you are saying about Jill Scott on the timeline right now,” one user tweeted.

In the past, Dallas Cowboys linebacker Kyle Quiero has been called off by Jill Scott fans for shaming him. On July 10, 2020, Queiro took to the social media channel to comment on Jill Scott’s sexual attraction. Scott, who happens to be a singer, songwriter, model, actress, and poet, has an intense fan base and in no time they wanted Queiro to be canceled. Her tweets included, “People are always drawn to JILL SCOTT?”, “So it’s all about energy. Got it,” and “And she’s by no means ugly. But you’ll be really sexually aroused by her. , eh ?” Of course, Queiro has since deleted the tweets, but fans didn’t have him.

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