Internet Shames Husband Who Gave His Wife Economy Class Ticket But Booked 1st Class For Him And His Friend

Little test for you, Pandas: if you went on vacation with your partner, your soul mate, the love of your life, what kind of plane ticket would you offer him? Would you a) offer them a seat right next to you so you can hold your hand and enjoy the fabulous view during your flight, or b) offer them an economy class ticket while you live in first class with your best friend ? I hope you all chose the first option, Pandas. Sadly, a stay-at-home mom raising three kids has opened up about how her husband chose the second.

The woman took to the IATA subreddit and asked people to tell her if it was wrong for her to call out her husband for how he disrespected her. He was sending very mixed signals by “letting” her come on the trip, but then showing her that she wasn’t as important as her friend. A friend with whom he travels extensively to sporting events. Scroll down for the full story and to see just how bad the relationship drama got. Oh, and yes, the husband could afford to get first class tickets for all of them. It was a choice, not a way to save money.

What do you think of the whole situation, dear Pandas? Why do you think the husband is so reluctant to go on vacation with his wife? How would you react if your partner constantly chose their best friend over you? Share your opinion in the comments.

A stay-at-home mom has told how she completely lost him when she realized what her husband had done

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She wanted to know if she was wrong to call him for buying him an economy class plane ticket when he was flying first class with his mate

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Many editors have found it suspicious that the husband continues to choose his best friend instead of spending quality time with his wife.

Some thought he might be in a clandestine relationship with his best friend, others thought he was just more interested in having a ‘nanny’ rather than a wife, taking care of the kids. at home.

Moreover, some Internet users have suggested that it was most likely a toxic relationship that probably had no future. Whatever the truth, it’s clear the couple needs to sit down and have a long, thoughtful discussion about their relationship, where they are at, and what kind of future they want together.

Look, back-to-school rules still apply in adult life. If you intentionally choose to regularly sit next to your friend instead of your girlfriend or boyfriend, you’re sending not-so-subtle clues that, hey, you might not really want to be in that relationship after all. . That’s not to say you shouldn’t spend quality time with your friends (remember, you’re not just a parent or spouse), but there’s clearly something wrong with how someone balance things out.

Recently, dating and relationship expert Dan Bacon, the founder of The Modern Man, explained to bored panda that not every guy will take the time and energy to grow and mature. Instead, they will continue to pretend to be the victim and blame others for their own mistakes.

“Unfortunately, some people never get past that level of personal development and as a result ruin their relationships for life. It really takes a lot of motivation and follow through to overcome that kind of behavior, which a lot of people don’t have at all. simply not,” the expert told us.

“However, if a man were to have that kind of motivation and drive to go all the way, he should set goals and strive to achieve them no matter what. When he does that, he will start to realizing the degree of personal control and influence he has over his life,” Dan said.

“A man like that will rarely overcome his victim mentality the first time he achieves a goal. In almost all cases, he will have to keep achieving goals and then gradually become a man who feels totally in charge of his life and n ‘don’t need to play the victim and blame others for their problems or lack of success,’ he said there is hope for everyone, but only change real and meaningful things don’t happen overnight.

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