Internet reacts to FPX loss to DRX and 9-3 curse at Champions

In the lower bracket of VALORANT Champions 2022, The internet saw DRX defeat Stage 2 Masters champions FunPlus Phoenix with the curse 9-3. Not only is this DRX overcoming its demons and making a meaningful run in the bottom bracket, but it sweeps the recent Masters champions 2-0. Fans online went wild seeing the latest team from Europe, Middle East and Africa returning home after Champions.

At the start of the series, much like their earlier match in the playoffs, Icebox was a nail biter. A 7-5 lead for DRX quickly disappeared in the second half. After losing six of their first seven rounds in the second half, DRX won five in a row to seal the first win on the card. Then FPX was up 9-3 over Haven to the surprise of fans considering it was DRX’s card choice. Still, in their second half, DRX was perfect and finished the map 13-9. After the first tight map, this second half on Haven destroyed FPX’s back-to-back title hopes in VALORANT.

Twitter talks about DRX win and 9-3 curse at Champions

Here are some of the best reactions online, from the start of halftime to the end.

Short but simple, FaZe Clan VALORANT player Phat “supamen” Le said DRX covers were too hot to manage.

As the card drew to a close, WESTCEPTION coach Cullan “PirateFlag” Smith commented on how sad he was as a European coach in Korea.

Caster analyst and ultimate DRX fanboy Seth “Achillios” King couldn’t hold back his excitement, both on Twitter and on the official stream, Office Guest and Hugging Gamer Benedict “Benkai” Tan.

Gen.G streamer Jessica Kim shouted online how DRX proved the 9-3 curse is real, with a “let’s go” after.

Also, in a cruel twist of fate, the same day the new 9-3 Curse spray is released in the Champions streams drop system, DRX brings it to light. Cloud9 confirmed the situation like they got the spray.

As for The NA XSET team, they gave DRX their props for creating the curse of 9-3.

As for VALORANT fan CodiakTheKodiak, they explain how OpTic and DRX are the most consistent teams in VALORANT so far. They’ll face off next, so we’ll see how DRX plays in their first international best-of-five series.

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