Internet is divided over this Starbucks ‘secret message’


It’s important to note that these warning labels are there to keep people safe (and you know, avoiding legal action alleging burns). According to Disease Control Centers, approximately 33% to 58% of annual hospital admissions for burns are caused by hot fluids. And while the burns are bad enough for a business, you could argue that the sexual harassment accusations are worse. > What one party sees as flirting can easily be seen by another party as unwanted attention. News week stresses that the message is situational, but necessary for the conversation about “the prevalence of sexual harassment in everyday society”.

In other Reddit wire, baristas and Starbucks customers agreed that while in some situations flirting can be okay, it’s overall unprofessional. If the client is uncomfortable, the situation can quickly turn into a nasty legal battle.

On the other hand, as Redditor Turtle-Fox pointed out, customers should “make sure you don’t misinterpret customer service for flirtation.” In this particular situation, there is no doubt that the barista was flirting. From the caption of the photo, one can guess that the customer was fine, but it will not always be the case.


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