Instagram says goodbye to swipe up in their August 30 stories: this is how you convert the best way to define hyperlinks



Instagram will say goodbye to its “Swipe Up” feature which allows you to offer hyperlinks to visit different content in your profile stories (best when you have over 10,000 fans). The service, which lets you slide your finger from the ground up on the screen throughout a story to access an external link, disappears on August 30, that is, the following Monday.

Either way, you’ll do the percentage of those external links in a different way. As we had already planned, as an alternative to “Swipe Up”, other people will be able to use stickers or stickers of their stories that come with the hyperlink to access outside internet pages.

This replacement comes after the evaluations carried out by the company since the start of the summer season. In June, Instagram started checking out these stickers with more than a few customers And the most original thing is that he no longer reviewed it with those who have over 10,000 fans, but he also gave access to much less fashionable profiles.


You will therefore use the stickers for the external hyperlinks.

Either way, even though the sticker reviews have been intensive and have reached customers that don’t reach 10,000 fans, according to the company, for now, the brand new will best serve people who have previously had the privilege of providing the “Swipe Up” or technique for swiping your story up to incorporate hyperlinks. Nevertheless, the social community “remains to compare” its deployment to additional customers.

The replacement that hits the market next week “Help us decide if this is the right choice before increasing access to other people“, Agrees with the words of a spokesperson for the platform. Because of this, it is obviously not recognized whether it will reach the whole of the international or can be relegated to customers with the widest choice of fans.

These stickers will be painted the same as the link that exists so far, but instead of scrolling up the story you need to tap better to get to the link. Upon checking out, Vishal Shah, a former Instagram product supervisor, defined that the stickers were very consistent with how other people have been using the platform better recently and as a result, the goal is to increase the stickers as a type of interaction with this platform.

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