PLAT ROCK, Mich. – On Wednesday, September 15, officials announced that projections from the sanitary sewers in Flat Rock showed the gasoline had been cleaned up.

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Environmental Protection Agency officials always test the air quality. Mayor Mark Hammond said it will be weeks before the families of the nearly 1,100 evacuated homes can return safely.

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Families were displaced after the detection of benzene in the health system. Ford, which has admitted responsibility for the leak at its Flat Rock assembly plant, said it would send checks for $ 500 each to each household in Zones 1 and 2 to help cover costs. Residents can continue to get help with hotels by calling 734-782-2455, option 6.

Additionally, Ford Motor Company has set up a website to provide information regarding the response to the leak. It can be found here.

The Town of Flat Rock posts daily updates to their official website here and to their official Facebook page here.

Daily updates from the EPA on the response can be found on its official website here.

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Updates from the Michigan Department of the Environment, Great Lakes and Energy can be found on its website here.

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