Illinois Leaks | Edgar County Jail Sex Tapes Posted On The Internet Linked To Corrections Worker

Donna Tacket

Posted at 5:34pm, 29 September

The Pinckneyville Correctional Center in Pinckneyville, Illinois is not updating its records and is not following the rules and guidelines of the Chief of IDOC for its correctional center. Dr. Percy Meyers, the doctor at 70, is not only in charge of the Pinckneyville Correctional Center buddies, he’s also an acting doctor at another correctional center less than 30 minutes from Pinckneyville, which in my opinion, is too much for a doctor to charge at the age of 70 and there are several lawsuits that have been filed to count between the 2 facilities, please help transfer the minimum of inmates to their approved destinations before the minimum of inmates begin to be harmed or possibly even injured or killed, this facility violates the laws put in place to keep inmates safe. who broke the law .Pinckneyville corrections employees are also breaking the so are no better than incarcerated inmates their classification has t Pinckneyville due to all newly transferred maximum inmates should be changed from mediate to maximum but see that they don’t want and don’t update the files because if they update the files it changes everything. Co pay rate must increase due to more dangerous installation and much more.

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