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Using bookmarks in Google Docs, you can easily navigate through a document using hypertext text. Here’s how!

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Google Docs is an amazing document creation app, a staple of Google Workspace. And the tools inside Google Docs make it a perfect app for everything from writing and formatting books to creating quick meeting calendars.

Whatever document you create, the Bookmarks can help you point to specific text and more.

The Benefits of Using Bookmarks in Google Docs

There are many reasons why you might find the Favorites tool in Google Docs super useful. For example, the Favorites tool:

  • Simplifies collaboration: If you use Google Docs for Business, chances are you’re creating documents that require more than one person to collaborate. Using bookmarks, you can direct collaborators to different parts of a document, reducing confusion and speeding up collaboration.
  • Makes it easier to find text in a large document: Are you writing a 500-page book in Google Docs and need your editor to review a specific part of the text? Are you creating a 50 page business proposal and need your accountant to verify something? Just create a bookmark. This makes it easier to find specific text, especially in larger documents.
  • Helps you create a table of contents with a hyperlink: If you’re creating a book or document with multiple chapters or sections, a table of contents is a great way to point readers to the right place. Using bookmarks, you can add a clickable hyperlink, giving users a quick way to find specific text.

How to create bookmarks in Google Docs

Using the Bookmarks tool is quick and easy. First, let’s start by creating a simple bookmark. To do this, open your Google Doc and get ready.

  1. Find and select the text you want to use as a bookmark.

  2. To select Insert in the top menu, then select Bookmark.

Image shows the bookmark tool in Google Docs

You will then see a blue bookmark next to the selected text.

Now to complete your bookmark you will need to link to this bookmark. You will first need to decide where you want to place the link. For example, if you are creating a table of contents, you can link to the name of a specific chapter.

Or, you can add a collaborator’s name and place a “click here” to direct collaborators to your bookmark. Follow these steps to complete your bookmark:

  1. Select the text you chose to link your bookmark.

  2. Then select Insert then Connect. Or, you can choose the Hyperlink icon in the menu.

  3. To select Headers and Bookmarks, and then select the bookmark you recently created.

Image shows bookmark feature in Google Docs

The text will now have a link. When you click on it, you will go directly to your bookmarked text. Super simple, right?

How to delete a Google Docs bookmark

Once you are done using a bookmark, you can simply delete it. To delete a bookmark:

  1. Select the Blue bookmark icon.

  2. Select the Garbage can icon or To delete. So, you are done!

Image shows deleting a bookmark in Google Docs

The Favorites tool is just the start for Google Docs. There are so many other tools hidden deep within the menus presented in every Google Workspace app.


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