How to remove underline from hyperlink in Word



Microsoft Word is packed with features that let you customize almost every aspect of it. You can change the look of text, an image or design a brochure. All you need to know is the options that are hidden.

Hyperlinks in Word stand out from the rest of the text with blue color and underlines. If a document has a lot of hyperlinks, it doesn’t look very appealing with these two properties. Word has options to change these features. You can remove the underline from the hyperlink or change the color. Let’s see how we can remove underlines from hyperlinks in Microsoft Word.

Remove hyperlink underline in Word

To remove hyperlinks in Word:

  1. Open a Word document
  2. Click the down arrow in the Styles section
  3. Scroll down and click the drop-down menu next to Hyperlink
  4. From the hyperlink options, select Edit
  5. Click the Underline button and click OK

To get into the details of removing the underline from a hyperlink, open a Word document that contains hyperlinks and click the button Down Arrow button in the fashions section on the ribbon.

You will have a list of many options. Scroll down and find Hyperlink. Scroll down to see a drop-down button next to it. Click on the drop-down button.

Hyperlink options in Word

It will open the options relating to the hyperlink. They will allow you to change the behavior or appearance of hyperlinks in the word. To select To modify from the list.

Change the appearance of hyperlinks

He will open a Change style dialog box. Click on the Underline button once and click OK at the bottom of the dialog box.

Edit Styles Dialog Box

It will remove the underlines from all links in the Word document. If you want to remove the underline from a single hyperlink, select the text and double-click the Underline button in the Character font section.

If you want to change the hyperlink color, just change the color blue in the Edit Style dialog box and select the color you want the hyperlinks to have. Then click OK to apply the color.

We hope this guide helps you to remove underlines from hyperlinks in Word.

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