How to remove hyperlinks in Microsoft Excel


Want to remove those clickable links from your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets? If so, it’s easy to remove those links or completely prevent Excel from turning your typed text into web links. We’ll show you how to do both.

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How to remove a single hyperlink in Excel

To quickly remove an individual hyperlink from your Excel spreadsheet, use an option from your context menu.

To do this, first open your spreadsheet with Excel. Find the cell containing the link you want to remove.

Select a hyperlink.

Right-click on that cell and from the menu that opens, select “Remove hyperlink”.

To select "Remove hyperlink" from the context menu.

And your selected hyperlink is now deleted.

A deleted hyperlink.

That’s it. You can remove hyperlinks from Word documents in the same way.

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How to remove multiple hyperlinks in Excel

If you want to remove multiple hyperlinks from your Excel worksheet at once, you can use the Excel context menu option again.

To do this, first open your spreadsheet with Excel.

In the worksheet, select the links you want to remove. You can select as many links as you want.

To remove links from your entire worksheet, press Ctrl + A (Windows) or Command + A (Mac) to select your entire worksheet.

Select multiple hyperlinks.

While your hyperlinks are selected, right click anywhere on your worksheet and choose “Remove Hyperlinks” from the menu.

To select "Remove hyperlinks" from the context menu.

And Excel will remove all your selected hyperlinks!

Selected hyperlinks removed.

You are ready. If you enter a lot of dates in Excel, you might like to know how to convert text to date values.

How to prevent Excel from turning your links into hyperlinks

By default, when you enter a web address in your spreadsheet, Excel automatically converts it to a hyperlink. To avoid this, you can turn off an option in Excel settings.

To do this, in the top left corner of Excel, click “File”.

Click on "To file" in the upper left corner of Excel.

In the left sidebar, select More> Options.

Select More> Options from the left sidebar of Excel.

An “Excel Options” window will open. In this window, in the left sidebar, select “Verification”. Then, on the right, click on “AutoCorrect Options”.

Click on "Auto correction options" on the "Excel options" the window.

You will see an “Auto Correct” window. At the top of this window, click on “Format automatically as you type”.

Click on "Auto-format as you type" on the "Autocorrect" the window.

In the tab “Automatic format as you type”, in the section “Replace as you type”, deactivate the option “Internet and network paths with hypertext links”. Then click on “OK”.

Deactivate "Internet and network paths with hyperlinks" and click "OKAY."

Close the “Excel Options” window by clicking “OK” at the bottom.

Click on "Okay" on the "Excel options" the window.

Now Excel will no longer automatically convert your text to hyperlinks. Very useful in many cases!

Likewise, you can also turn off automatic hyperlinks in Microsoft Word.

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