How the Internet Reacted to the Fetterman Debate Horror Show

John Fetterman has come under intense criticism after a blunder-filled performance in Tuesday night’s election debate against Dr Mehmet Oz.

Fetterman, the Democratic Senate candidate from Pennsylvania, suffered a stroke in May, raising doubts about his ability to continue.

His team insisted he was fit to run, but social media commentators said Fetterman’s advisers exposed him to ridicule by letting the debate continue.

A TikTok clip, viewed more than 17,000 times, was captioned: “This is brutal”.

The clip shows Fetterman’s response to the question of what makes him fit to run for senator. He replied, “Good night, everyone”, before giving his answer.

TikTokers commenting on the clip compared Fetterman to President Joe Biden, who has a habit of blundering in speeches that then have to be “moped up” by the White House.

Another video of Fetterman, viewed nearly 10,000 times on TikTok, provided a compilation of his gaffes on Tuesday night.

On Twitter, the commentator Piers Morgan was among those who criticized the decision to debate.

“This debate in the Palestinian Authority Senate was painful to watch. I’m so sorry John Fetterman suffered a stroke,” Morgan wrote.

“But it is cruel of his team to expose him to such ridicule when he is clearly unfit to participate in televised debates or be a fully functioning senator. He should step aside.”

John Fetterman addresses his supporters in Dickinson Square Park in Philadelphia on October 23. The Democratic candidate had a stroke in May.

Andrew Feinberg, political reporter for The Independentalso suggested the campaign team had been at fault, tweeting: “Sorry Democrats but Fetterman lost the race tonight.

“He is in no way capable of communicating clearly or effectively, and accepting this debate was political misconduct in the first degree. Whoever told him to do so should be finished in electoral politics.”

Some critics of GOP nominee Dr. Oz also expressed disappointment.

‘Tragically, after John Fetterman’s disastrous performance in tonight’s debate, Dr. Oz, who is a peddler and a bastard, is going to win this Senate race which will likely flip the Senate for Republicans,’ tweeted Scott Feinbergeditor-in-chief at The Hollywood journalist.

Feinberg added, “I feel sorry for Fetterman and for all of us who will be stuck with the fallout.”

However, some Fetterman supporters praised his bravery for participating in the debate while recovering from his stroke.

Aaron Paul Godfrey, Democrat and former congressional candidate from Ohio, tweeted“You know how you know John Fetterman will defend Pennsylvania? Because he went on a debate stage to stand up to that awful charlatan, Dr. Oz, when he was in his 5th month of recovery.

“It takes courage. Join me in helping him cross the finish line.”

Kina Collins, who ran in the Democratic primary for Illinois’ 7th district, also tweeted his support: “I know people who have suffered strokes. Recovery is an uphill battle most of the time.

“John Fetterman believes in the AP so much that he didn’t dodge this debate. He took the stage tonight and turned against Oz and the GOP. It took incredible courage and courage.”

Lourin Hubbarda former Democratic candidate from California, tweeted that other midterm candidates should face similar scrutiny.

“For people to treat John Fetterman’s debate performance after having a stroke more carefully than Herschel Walker’s deceitful, illogical and incoherent ramblings in his debate is maximum ableism,” he said. he writes.

Fetterman’s campaign manager, Brendan McPhillips, said more than $1 million had been raised for Democrats in the hours following the debate.

Newsweek has contacted John Fetterman’s team for comment.

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