Here are the internet’s best reactions to our modern Integra Type R coupe concept

Either you like it… or you really like it. This seems to be the consensus for HotCars‘ and digital artist Timothy Adry Emmanuel renders what a modern two-door Acura Integra Type R should have looked like. The stock coupe is an absolute JDM legend, thanks in large part to its 8,000 rpm+ B18C redline naturally aspirated engine and factory-installed limited-slip differential.

But obviously that’s not all that made the original DC2 Type R so coveted, with prices on this 20-plus-year-old car ranging from $21,000 to near six-figure sums, according to Bring. A-Trailer. While early Integra Type Rs had typical ’90s car styling with slim rectangular headlights, it was the later years with its quad circular headlights, or the spider-eye version that seemed to hit the hardest.

Our render captures the essence of the DC2 Integra Type R that people loved. At least we think so, based on the general reactions on our social media. We’ve compiled the best reactions to our render of a modern Integra Type R. We’d also love to hear what you think, so hit up our social media and leave a comment. Maybe Honda will take notice of all the love and bring back an Integra coupe one day!

Integra Type R rendering is exactly what people imagine

It looks like Timothy Adry Emmanuel got the overall proportions of this render right and the specific styling details reminiscent of the original DC2 Type R. The best thing about an enthusiast designing a car is that they know exactly what other like-minded enthusiasts are waiting for. .

Acura Integra 3/4 rear render

User avatorojar echoes the sentiment, “It’s a shame that enthusiasts are ALWAYS better concept designers than actual concept designers.” User aer.autodesign adds: “…I too have noticed that fan-made renders are almost always more appealing than manufacturer-provided ones. It probably all depends on budget. Which makes sense, but c sucks for cars to fall apart. “NOW IT’S AN INTEGRA…they need people who can really design because the Integra production model is trash!!!” chimes user beaudprnt. , but hey, the fans have spoken.

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User Cornelius.stone.9 says, “I’d buy one, I’m not even into imports,” which is high praise for someone who doesn’t like Japanese cars. a_1banks loves the finer details, “I love the shaved door handles and all,” which give the render its ultra-clean look.

Some think our Integra Type R renderer has a flaw

Of course, as with any concept or rendering based on the subjective tastes of the individual, opinions differ when it comes to a specific area of ​​the Type R concept. And those are its flagships.

singlecabdanny says, “Make realistic headlights and it would sell like crazy.” Shlow_k24z chimes in: “Change the headlights and we have a winner, boys! 🙌👏”. There’s definitely a trend here, says rileycbridge, “If headlights were literally something else, I would have liked that.”

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Honestly, it’s a chance our digital artist took with the headlights to go back to the original, but with a decidedly modern twist. With lighting technology in the form of LEDs, it would almost have been a mistake not to push it to the limit with the dual circular ring LED headlights on each side. Perhaps a solution could be to use the signature circular light design cue as daytime running lights, with actual LED lights housed inside the ring instead. Who knows? The important thing to remember is that fans clearly want a sporty looking coupe reminiscent of the original DC2 Integra Type R.

The 2023 Acura Integra We Have Isn’t What People Want

by Acura

There’s enough research and market analysis to tell you that it’s harder to sell coupes now. The two-door formula just doesn’t seem to have the same appeal as before. In the case of Honda or Acura, the Integra nameplate was even discontinued for almost two decades. When brought back recently, it was only a five-door. That’s because the Integra is essentially a Civic under the skin, and the Civic itself is no longer available as a two-door coupe.

And while the 2023 Acura Integra is a mature, sophisticated version of the Honda Civic, it’s not the Integra we all remember and love. It even has a great combination of a fun and responsive chassis and handling, with a capable powertrain. But the design may be too adult for what fans of the original expect. Not to mention that neither Honda nor Acura have any plans to make an Integra Type R in the near future. Tony Sanchez says, “The days of Honda performance or Acura two-door hatchbacks are a fantasy. Marketing has determined that every consumer wants and needs a five-door or 1.5-liter EV with a 10-speed CVT in an SUV.

In the meantime, we can only hope that the positive reaction to our vision of a modern Integra Type R gives Honda/Acura the reassurance they need that if they make it, people will buy it!

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