He single-handedly took down North Korea’s internet

– When a hacker gets hacked, how does he get his revenge? He comes back, of course. A story to Wired tells an example of this truth that has a remarkable twist: it’s about an American hacker who got ticked off against North Korea and single-handedly took down his internet. The independent hacker goes through P4x. It appears that about a year ago, North Korean techs chased him as part of a larger effort to steal tools from Western hackers. P4x spotted the attack early enough to avoid losing anything valuable, but became frustrated that no US agency seemed interested in investigating the attack, let alone punishing North Korea. So he decided to do it himself. “If they don’t see we have teeth, it will keep coming,” he says Wired.

That’s why observers of North Korea’s highly restricted internet — it’s used primarily for government propaganda — began noticing widespread outages last month. But this was not an internal problem or the work of an enemy government. No, “it was the work of an American in a T-shirt, pajama pants and slippers, sitting in his living room night after night, watching Extraterrestrial movies and eating spicy corn snacks – and periodically visiting his home office to check on the progress of the programs he was running to disrupt an entire country’s internet,” writes Andy Greenberg. His story explains how “denial de-service” works, and how P4x sees it as a relatively modest attack. However, he intends to bring in other “hacktivists” for a stronger hit. “I just want to prove a point,” says -he. (Read the full story.)

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