GIADEC welcomes the progress of the work on the estimation of mineral resources

Micheal Ernest Ansah is Director General of GIADEC

MRE likely to be completed in less than a year

A combined approach to drilling will help obtain quality core samples, project geologist

GIADEC in charge of the development of the integrated aluminum sector

The Ghana Integrated Aluminum Development Corporation is confident that the ongoing work on the Mineral Resource Estimate (MRE) will likely be completed in less than a year.

According to Micheal Ernest Ansah, Managing Director of the company, the scale of work being undertaken by its partner Rocksure International will pave the way for the construction of a mine that will provide solutions for bauxite refining in Ghana.

Speaking after a working visit to one of the four projects running under the Integrated Aluminum Industry (IAI) at Nyinahin Block-B (Project 2) in the Ashanti Region , the boss of GIADEC stressed the importance of the work for the industrialization efforts of Ghana.

“We see the work progressing and what is particularly gratifying is to see a 100% Ghanaian company, Rocksure International, demonstrate the competence and capability to do this kind of work. We are looking to be able to enable that capability, to enable that vision of building a Ghana with Ghanaians who can lead the development of an industry like this”

“We hope that the MRE can be completed in less than a year, which will pave the way for the construction of a mine with a refinery solution in the Nyinahin-Mpasaaso area,” he added.

He further pointed out that the prospecting program will, however, take between four and six months.

“The prospecting program will take a few months, probably around 4-6 months and we are doing hills 6A, 6B, hill 5 and hill 4. The samples are being collected gradually so that we can determine the quality and quantity of bauxite that we have in these areas,” he added.

The CEO of GIADEC said the construction works have so far helped residents of Nyinahin-Mpsaaso and nearby communities find jobs, with some already working on site.

Meanwhile, the GIADEC delegation, which was led by its CEO, made a brief visit to the project site to inspect and observe the processes of collecting bauxite samples for laboratory analysis.

The team also discovered a state-of-the-art drilling machine used to perform auger and diamond drilling.

Opting for a combined drilling approach will instead help to get quality cores that will be analyzed in the lab to determine the geology and alumina content that will inform the type of refinery to be built, according to Isaac Marbee, project geologist at Rocksure International.

In September 2021, Rocksure International signed a partnership agreement with GIADEC to execute Project 2 – the development of a mine and refining solution, under a joint venture partnership.

Project 2 is one of four projects executed under the Integrated Aluminum Industry (IAI) value chain by GIADEC.

GIADEC is a public company responsible for the development of the integrated aluminum industry in Ghana.

The company’s portfolio of assets includes mining rights to all of Ghana’s 900 million tonnes of bauxite reserves, 100% shares in Valco – the smelter of Ghana and a stake in Ghana Bauxite Company Limited, a producing mine that has been in operation for over 70 years.

Through strategic partnerships, GIADEC will hold stakes in new mines and refineries to be created and drive the integration of the bauxite-aluminum value chain to create value.

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