Fiber internet is heading to southwestern Oklahoma



LAWTON, Oklahoma (KSWO) – Faster internet options are coming to Lawton and Duncan next year.

Dobson Fiber of Oklahoma City is the company.

Marketing director Ali Clark said the company aims to bring the best technology to markets it considers underserved.

Dobson is a fiber-only internet company.

Clark said it’s completely different from what most people have in their homes now.

“It uses fiber-optic type technology to transfer the data, and therefore the speeds are much faster, more reliable, the weather has no impact on them,” Clark said.

The company also offers symmetrical speeds, which means you get the same upload and download speeds.

Clark said that once Dobson Fiber obtains all the permits it needs, it will then begin its construction process.

“We are looking to cover the majority of residents in the Lawton and Duncan area. We build our networks in zones, as soon as the first zone is ready to go and to go up to be ready to be installed in the houses. We will start sending direct emails, advertising, contacting if they have registered on our website to let people know that we are ready for the home installation, ”said Clark.

If Dobson starts to be strongly attracted, then they will start to develop outside of the city limits.

In addition to the services they will provide, employment opportunities will also be available.

“We try to hire locally as much as possible. And in fact, we have been able to do it in many markets. We have a lot of installation technicians that we’re going to hire, engineer-type people that we’re looking for. We also hire entrepreneurs to help us network, ”said Clark.

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