Facebook plans Internet access for a billion people



Facebook said it is working on new connectivity technologies that will put the next billion people online.

According to Facebook, it is also improving existing infrastructure projects. The company said that since 2013, Facebook Connectivity has helped create faster and more affordable Internet access for more than 500 million people.

He added that this new phase involves bringing affordable, high-quality connectivity to the next billion people through emerging technologies.

Facebook Connectivity Vice President Dan Rabinovitsj said, “We have seen that economies flourish when there is a broadly accessible Internet for individuals and businesses.

“In Nigeria, the increase in broadband connectivity has resulted in a 7.8% increase in the probability of employment for people in areas connected to fiber optic cables. While increased connectivity has resulted in a 19% increase in GDP per capita in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“Facebook Connectivity is working with partners to develop new high-speed Internet access technologies. Today we are sharing the latest developments on some of these connectivity technologies, which aim to bring major improvements in Internet capacity across the world by sea, land and air.

According to Facebook, some of its new connectivity technologies include investments in improving submarine fiber-optic cables and extending their reach to better connect more people.

The company added that together with its partners, it recently launched the very first 24-fiber-pair transatlantic submarine cable system that will link Europe to the United States.

The company said using robotics for faster fiber deployment would also help it achieve its goal of connectivity. He added that the terragraph, fiber connections in the air, would also help bring his dream closer to reality.

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