Elon Musk’s Starlink internet is about to get more expensive

(Pocket-lint) – Starlink satellite internet service is capable of delivering impressive speeds, and more importantly, it can help ensure that people in remote rural areas have reliable internet access.

However, the service already comes at a pretty significant cost, and as seems to be the case with almost everything right now, that price is unfortunately set to rise.

An email sent to Starlink customers reads “Due to excessive levels of inflation, the price of the Starlink kit is increasing from $499 to $549 for deposit holders, and $599 for all new orders, effective in ‘today”.

“Additionally, the price of the monthly Starlink service will increase from $99 to $110. The new price will apply to your subscription on 04/22/2022.”

The email also reminds customers that they are entitled to a partial refund of $200 if they wish to cancel service.

Customers who received Starlink equipment within the past 30 days can request a full refund.

There’s no mention of the Premium tier, so for now we’re assuming the price hike only affects standard customers.

Starlink’s email also revealed some of the platform’s recent achievements. “Since launching our public beta service in October 2020, the Starlink team has tripled the number of satellites in orbit, quadrupled the number of ground stations, and made continuous improvements to our network.”

“Going forward, users can expect Starlink to maintain its cadence of continuous network improvements as well as the addition of new features.”

Whether this pace is accompanied by continued price increases remains to be seen.

Written by Luke Baker.

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