Delhi Police floating e-FIR system for house theft and burglary

Delhi Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana on the occasion of Republic Day has activated a citizen service to file an electronic First Information Report for theft and burglary incidents in the e-FIR application for recording cases of theft. “This activation is a milestone in the series of web applications developed by the Delhi Police to help complainants register the FIR and receive a copy instantly without visiting the police station. This will contribute to hassle-free registration , systematic documentation and prompt investigation, thereby simplifying the lives of citizens,” said a statement from the Special Police Commissioner, Crime, Devesh Srivastava.

The purpose of the service is to provide immediate filing/downloading of FIR for stolen property in the nation’s capital via the web. It aims to help the investigator to complete the investigation steps and the documentation. Finally, it aims to ensure the rapid settlement of cases in order to reduce waiting times in police stations and courts. “1. The application will apply the law section for FIR recording with the combination of choices in the drop down menu for Incident location, Incident type, Incident time, number of suspects, etc., according to the following details:- Event section of the applicable law 1) Theft in a public place / Theft of luggage / Pickpocketing 379 IPC (Already activated) 2) Theft (in the construction of a tent or a ship) 380 IPC (To be activated on January 26, 2022) 3 ) Theft in closed premises (house, office, burglary) during the day 380/454 IPC (to be activated on January 26) 4) Theft in closed premises (home, office, burglary) overnight 380/457 IPC (to be activated Jan. 26) 5). If suspects are more than two, add 34 IPC (already activated),” the statement added.

The application will have the possibility to add/remove articles of law in the CD module according to the facts revealed during the investigation. As for the basic functionality of the app, complainants can file their complaints anywhere without going to the police station. The FIR will be lodged at the Electronic Police Station, having jurisdiction over the National Capital Territory (NCT) of Delhi established under the Directorate of Crime. The digitally signed FIR will be instantly sent to the email address of the Complainant, Area SHO, Senior Police Officers and designated court. He will have the opportunity to guide the investigators to carry out the investigation and the documentation. There is also a management information system for analysis and taking preventive measures.

This application developed for the FIR hosting of theft cases should be hosted in a technically suitable place for its proper functioning, the statement said. “The URL of the web application must have a link to the Delhi Police official website,” the statement added.

New app users will be required to provide email id and mobile number for registration. Users will receive a one-time password (OTP) on mobile and web via SMS and email. According to the version, the investigator will receive a user ID with OTP to log in to a module containing one or more FIR records. The assigned IO will also receive a system-generated OTP to access each FIR file, each time, after which they will take the following actions: contact the complainant within 24 hours, obtain signatures on a printed copy of the FIR. In accordance with their duties, the IO will visit the scene of the crime and call DMCT/forensic assistance if necessary. He will also have to inform SHO and other senior officers of the crime.

The IO will conduct the inquiry/investigation, prepare a site map, record statements from complainants, witnesses, etc. and gather the available evidence. Efforts to trace the stolen property, identify the culprit will also be made by IO. He will have to fill the information in an application for the generation of case logs and inform the complainant about the progress of the case from time to time. (ANI)

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