DBRS Morningstar Invests More in US Structured Finance; Adds 10 new senior level analysts

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–DBRS Morningstar is pleased to announce that 10 new senior analysts have recently joined the Global Structured Finance team based in New York and Chicago. The new hires represent a seasoned group of analysts with expertise in a wide range of U.S. asset-backed securities, including consumer, commercial and esoteric asset classes, structured credit, including heavily syndicated CLOs and rating fund debt, in addition to commercial and residential mortgage-backed securities. securities.

The US Structured Credit Group added five new members: senior vice presidents Hylton Heard, Stuart Rothenberg and Lisa Kwasnowski; and Vice Presidents David Petu and John Um. All five report to Jerry van Koolbergen, managing director and head of structured credit in the United States. Kwasnowski transferred from DBRS Morningstar’s financial institutions group after 14 years with the agency.

The American group ABS has added three new senior vice-presidents: Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, Doo-Sik Nam and Du Trieu. All three report to Chris D’Onofrio, Managing Director and Head of US ABS.

Michael Vidmar has joined DBRS Morningstar’s North American CMBS Group as Vice President, reporting to John Amman, Senior Vice President, North American CMBS.

Additionally, Patrick McCormick recently joined DBRS Morningstar as Senior Vice President of the Operational Risk Group. McCormick reports to Kathleen Tillwitz, head of operational risk in the United States.

“I am very pleased to have such a talented array of analysts with diverse structured finance expertise added to our existing high-quality team,” said Claire Mezzanotte, Group Managing Director and Head of global structured finance at DBRS Morningstar. “The new hires underscore our continued commitment to product quality for investors.”

The 10 members of the GSF Group all started within the last month.


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