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Even before the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020, the Duval County Collector’s Office began to see the tendency for customers to transact online rather than in person.

“We tried to bring more business on the Internet and out of the office. We are looking for ways to boost e-government. That’s the goal, ”said tax collector Jim Overton.

The move makes it easier for the public, including executives and entrepreneurs, to do their business online, eliminating the need for them to go to a tax office. And there will be more services going in that direction.

When COVID-19 forced quarantines, isolation and social distancing, the tax collector’s job had to be done, despite the challenges, Overton said.

“We never really closed for the pandemic,” he said.

The Internet provides convenient access for members of the public when they need to transact with the collector.

This is especially true for transactions that people have to complete each year, such as renewing vehicle registrations and paying property taxes.

“Our online DMV (State Department of Motor Vehicles) transactions have almost doubled. We teach clients that there are better ways to do business with government, ”Overton said.

Online property tax payments are also increasing, from nearly 55,000 in 2019, the year before the pandemic, to over 68,000 in 2020 and over 82,000 in 2021.

Another technological advancement that is only just beginning is the vehicle registration renewal kiosks at three Publix Super Markets Inc. stores.

Inside the Deerwood Commons Mall, Mandarin Oaks, and Roosevelt Square stores, kiosks function as an ATM.

Customers enter their information from the renewal notice, complete payment, and the kiosk distributes the new decal.

Overton said if the kiosks are popular, other locations could be added.

The trend towards online transactions will also affect the real estate projects of the collector’s office.

Overton said a new branch is planned in North Jacksonville. Based on the continued growth of web-based business, it is designed with fewer seats in a smaller waiting room than in current branches.

“It’s an internet-based world and people are doing a lot more online. We believe it will continue to increase.

The next step, which should be in place by the middle of the year, is an artificial intelligence-based system that will be able to answer common questions online.

“If the bot can’t answer the question, we’ll put you in touch with a customer service representative or you can get the answer via email,” Overton said.

Visit for more information on online transactions and other services available at the tax collector’s offices.

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