Data system needs updating – Post Courier

The CRIME records office wants the police information system that collapsed more than two decades ago reinstalled.

NCD Metro Criminal Record Office, Officer in Charge Acting Inspector Suzanne Ipai says crime trends in the country have changed and everything about keeping the data information system has changed over time.

The Police Information System (SIP) operated in the 1980s at the National Criminal Records Office based at Police Headquarters to store all information on crimes, details of wanted persons, damaged and stolen property , but today it is very difficult.

The police only record crimes that have happened and everything is done manually.
“When I was a young officer working at headquarters, the system worked well and our job was much easier, how we used to link important information when requested,” Acting Inspector Ipai said.
“When a crime is reported, they process the information in the spreadsheet and are entered into the system under summary and criminal cases.

“It was working well until it collapsed for unknown reasons, of which only the management is aware.
“Today we only do crime recording depending on the nature of the crime and entering the report into the files before it is sent to the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) to assign police investigating the crime.”
She said that due to the lack of a proper system for keeping records, the Gordon-based National Criminal Records Office shares the same office space with the Forensic Science Office and only does the screening of the police.

The Metro Criminal Records Officer, Senior Sergeant Morris Marafi, said he was unable to track and link information when a repeat offender is arrested.

“A very important system that gives information about where the person lives and all the information about the person (missing),” Sgt Marafi said.

“If they revive him, it will be a big help for our work.”
He said it was up to management to bring the system back to help the Royal PNG Constabulary keep criminal records.

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