City of Orange County Seeks IT Management Assistance

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One of the municipalities in the dormitory community of Orange County is seeking help from technology companies in the area of ​​IT management.

In one request for proposals (RFP) published on Tuesday, the city of Niguel Lagoon seeks assistance from “qualified information technology firms specializing in comprehensive managed services,” according to the RFP. Specifically, the city requires IT management services to support the operations of City Hall, Crown Valley Community Center, Laguna Niguel Skateboard and Soccer Park, and Sea Country Senior and Community Center. Among the takeaways:

  • A 14.72 square mile city incorporated at the end of 1989, Laguna Niguel is a planned city serving a population of 65,429. It requires IT management services, including “network and system administration, security monitoring, onsite and remote help desk, provisioning, backup and recovery operations, database administration, material life cycle management, project management and geographic information system (GIS) services. The hired company will be considered Laguna Niguel’s “technology expert” and may be asked to “recommend improvements in processes, systems, software and equipment; compare and analyze products and services; participate in disaster recovery and security response exercises; developing and delivering training; and produce and present » reports on IT operations. The city expects the company it selects to be “agnostic about product support and supply, and seek cost-effective solutions” suited to the city’s budget and current technology. Laguna Niguel now supports approximately 130 active users and receives an average of 85 support requests per month.
  • The chosen firm will provide “in-person IT and GIS management services” for a minimum of 82 hours per week, with such in-person services provided by the firm’s team and for the duration of the agreement. Specifically, the services include regularly reviewing “all aspects” of the city’s IT and GIS landscape to identify “potential improvements” and address “security vulnerabilities” and make recommendations. The consultant must also oversee “the complete life cycle (acquisition, operation and retirement) of IT and GIS equipment and services”. On-site IT management technical support is also required twice a month for city council meetings and other after-hours public events; on-site IT and GIS management technical support for the configuration and support of the city’s emergency operations center; Restoration of IT service following outages; staffing a remote IT and MIS management help desk from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily; and perform repairs and maintenance of computer and GIS management. The contractor will also be required to perform monthly or more frequent maintenance on the SQL Server databases of the city’s business applications and procure IT equipment, software and services as required, in accordance with city policy.
  • Experience requirements include having completed at least three representative projects involving similar services in the past five years; and indicating all government agencies with which contracts have been terminated with the Respondent in the past three years, and a brief explanation of the termination.
  • The precise value of the contract is not specified. The initial term of the contract is expected to be three years, from June 1 to June 30, 2025, with two optional one-year extensions. The contract start date precedes the start of the city’s 2022-2023 fiscal year, July 1, to provide the city’s current IT consultant an opportunity to train the incoming consultant. If the existing consultant, Infinite Technologiesis selected, the contract should start on July 1, not June 1. Questions about the RFP must be asked by 10 a.m. Tuesday and responses will arrive by February 25. Responses are due by 2 p.m. on March 7 and interviews are expected. March 29 and 30, with contract award May 3 or 17. A kick-off meeting is scheduled by May 31 and services are expected to begin July 1.

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