Chinese, Russian internet media urged to strengthen cooperation


The 2021 China-Russia Internet Media Forum, whose theme was “Promoting Exchange and Mutual Learning, Deepening Practical Cooperation,” was held online via video link as well as offline at venues at Beijing and Moscow.

Niu Yibing, deputy minister of the Office of the Central Commission for Cyberspace Affairs, said that since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the internet has played an important role in helping the recovery of the global economy, restoring normal functioning of society and restoring the normal functioning of society. promote international cooperation in the fight against the pandemic.

The Internet media of the two countries should practice and firmly promote the concept of multilateralism and jointly safeguard the international cyberspace order, Niu said. They should also preserve fairness and justice in cyberspace and contribute to the development of bilateral relations as well as cooperation in various fields, he added.

Niu said the environment for global public opinion is becoming increasingly complicated, with ideological biases, power politics and false information bringing new challenges to global communication. China’s Internet media and Russia should work together to make a voice heard on major international and regional issues, fight against false information and amplify the voice of justice, truth and rationality, he said.

Bella Cherkesova, Russian Deputy Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Media, said Internet media in both countries should strengthen communication and disseminate objective and truthful information in a timely manner, so that they can meet demand information from citizens of both countries.

She added that as the internet has developed rapidly and penetrated people’s daily lives, it is important for China’s internet media and internet industries and Russia working together to ensure the security of cyberspace. In addition, the media must be alert to fake news and fake news, which has become widespread since the start of the pandemic and has caused a lot of damage.

Zhou Shuchun, publisher and editor-in-chief of China daily, said that over the past five years, under the leadership of the Sino-Russian Internet Media Forum, the Chinese and Russian Internet media and Internet industries have achieved fruitful results of cooperation. Almost 30 media from the two countries cooperated, exchanging more than 100,000 articles of all kinds.

“From content cooperation and personnel exchanges to industrial integration, … the online media and Internet industries of the two countries have demonstrated through concrete actions the high standard of China-Russia comprehensive strategic coordination partnership, ”he said.

Zhou urged the online media of the two countries to jointly produce high-quality products, through joint interviews and the establishment of shared resource libraries, in order to better meet the global public’s demand for media products of high quality.

The forum, the fifth of its kind, was co-hosted by China daily and the China Internet Development Foundation.

China’s Internet media and Russia also reached consensus during the forum, committing to focus on the common interests of the two countries, tell stories of bilateral friendship and deepen cultural exchanges, so as to strengthen mutual trust between China and Russia.



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