Campus Elections 2022

The Office of the Dean of Students is pleased to announce the 2022 Campus Election process. Students, staff and faculty will have the opportunity to propose new or modified campus fees, amendments to the Assembly constitution Student Union (SUA) or opinion polls. You can visit the update UCSC Campus Elections website or review the content of this email to familiarize yourself with this year’s election calendars and the policies / steps for launching referendums.

If you are interested in proposing an initiative for the ballot for the 2022 university elections, please view this video and the PDF slideshow on the Campus Elections website ( which serves as a guideline for the Campus Elections. It is mandatory to review the entire video if you are considering submitting an initiative. The session provides an overview of the campus election process, schedule and policies, and includes resources and tips on how to create a referendum, opinion poll, or amendment. If a team of students is working in conjunction with an administrative unit on campus, we encourage them to also view the video of the orientation session.

You can access a PDF version of the slide set from the information session, which includes hyperlinks to key policies and other information you can review, on the university elections website.

Please use this excel budget template to assist you in the preparation of your budget for a fee measure. You can direct questions about the model or other budget matters to Lisa Bishop ([email protected]).

In drafting a measure for the ballot, you may wish to consider examples from previous election cycles in the campus election archives. We also provide direct links to recent examples of voting language for tariff measures, a survey, and one SUA constitutional amendment.

Please click here to complete your request to register an element on the 2022 ballot. Please note that the submission of this request – as well as the draft referendum text for groups proposing new fees or a modification of fees – must now be filed before 5:00 p.m. on Friday, January 28, 2022 for facility-related projects. Please note this updated schedule for facility-related referendums and if you plan to place a facilities-related referendum on this year’s ballot, you should contact Lisa Bishop and the UCSC immediately. Office of Budget Analysis and Planning as soon as possible. The deadline for all other referendums remains Monday January 31, 2022 at 8:00 a.m. for all other initiatives.

For more information or to request accommodation, please contact Travis S. Becker, Campus Elections Commissioner and Assistant Dean for Students, Strategic Initiatives, and Policy Analysis at: [email protected].

Click on here for more information on campus election politics.

Click on here to see the results of past elections.

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